Beyonce in London!!!

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Two posts in one day, I'm on a roll! haha! Friday was a pretty amazing start to the weekend as I went to London with my mum to go and see Beyonce!!! After a little mess up with the trains and stuff we made it into London exhausted but I felt so excited to return to my favourite city. We dumped our bags in the hotel and went to Oxford Street to shop till we dropped...although we weren't really in the shopping mood and were more likely to drop from tiredness. So we just popped into Topshop, Urban Outfitters, New look and Zara!

Afterwards I told my mum that I would introduce her to Soho. We started by eating at our favourite Caribbean restaurant called Jerk City! We got a lost but with the help of google maps I managed to hunt it down. We both had jerk chicken which was just what we needed. I then took my mum to bubbleology to try bubble tea. I knew she wouldn't like but she tried it anyway and the verdict was...she didn't like it! Although she did like the theme of the place set out like a laboratory and my taro bubble tea with tapioca pearls was amazing as it tastes just like oreos. We then ventured into Chinatown so I could go to my favourite Asian cosmetic store, it was so full at night time and because it's quite small it was a bit difficult to move around but we ended up spending a lot of money in there and I was happy to find out that they have a website so I can order online instead of coming to London all the time. After a very rainy day in London we headed back to the hotel.

The day had finally arrived! B-DAY! :) Saturday morning we took a trip to Camden and went to another shop which I loved Lily.J which I don't think was there the last time I came to London. They have lots of vintage style clothes with lace on nearly everything. The shop was set out really nicely and the clothes were all colour coordinated. I bought a new outfit (courtesy of my mum) and I settled on wearing this to the concert. We then rushed back to go and get ready and drank some rosé wine. We took a taxi to the o2 arena and then queued up to enter the arena. I would describe the whole experience but it would take me forever. So Beyoncé was fabulous and looks just as beautiful in person and my god she can sing, she's sounds even better live! Her band and all the dancers were outstanding too! It was like being at a huge party.
There were happy moments, sad moments and silly moments as me and my mum were both crying when she sang 'Heaven' as it both reminded us of Grandad.There were also some silly people there, shout out to the girl who told me to give her space when we were in the standing area -_-


Sunday was home time and I really didn't want to leave..again. We had breakfast and chatted about the concert with the lovely hotel staff :) and off we went on the train back home. We were both exhausted and I think my mum had post concert depression as we watched her music videos on the visual album.  

Such an amazing weekend and I miss it all! Thanks for reading all of this.


The day we went to the alpaca farm!

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Last Thursday was probably one of my favorite days of the week as me and Megan decided to take a long overdue trip to Mayfield Alpaca farm. We got the bus about 11ish and ended up basically in the middle of nowhere (the countryside of Sheffield). It was pretty windy and there was mud everywhere but the sun was out and we were determined to find those alpacas! After wandering around for a while with google maps, asking people for directions in a pub and Megan slipping in mud, we finally found the place!!! 


So we paid at the cafe and we were given a coin to put in the turnstile to enter the farm. Yes, there was more mud everywhere but the sight of seeing those fluffy alpacas just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They are so cute and gentle! We literally just slid around the farm and trying to hold each other up from falling but we manage to spot more animals such as chickens, pigs, goats and more. Once we left the farm the cafe staff told us we could go to the room with smaller animals :)

Afterwards we realised there wasn't a bus to take us back into civilisation so we had to call for a taxi. We ended our day at Fancie which is a cake shop/restaurant, we decided we needed this after the events that day haha! We engulfed lashings of tea, the hot dog of the day which was a sausage with gravy and mash potato on top in crusty bread (omg! It was delicious!) then we had a cupcake each and of course more tea! (Never felt so British!)
I really enjoyed this day and I hope we can do it again sometime!



Ooh! Megan made a video about this day so go check it out, tells a better story than this blog post :)
Thanks for reading!

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