Cocoa Wonderland!

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I love spontaneous days out with my bestie! Me and Megan decided to embrace the 'hottest day of the year' at the park however it rained a bit, thundered and it was just really humid! So change of plans we decided to venture for some tea & cake.
A place in mind randomly popped into my head and I thought why not go to Cocoa Wonderland on Eccy Road! I've always wanted to go but the thought never crossed my mind often enough. 

I knew it was a place which sold chocolate but from reading the reviews they did tea, cake and lots more! 

We arrived at the shop and we felt overwhelmed with excitement as soon as we entered! It felt like a traditional sweet shop with all the array of colours. Even the woman serving us could sense how giddy we felt. I ordered a rocky road hot chocolate & a slice of chocolate fudge cake and Megan ordered a banoffe shake & a chocolate fudge cake, the lady told us she would bring it to us. We had a choice of sitting downstairs or upstairs so we sat upstairs! We even got to put our phone in the docking station and play music. Everything was delicious! My hot chocolate was really chocolatey so I didn't get to finish it all, but I helped myself to the free jug of water to wash it all down. The view of busy Eccy road was nice as well. 

Afterwards we took a stroll into the botanical gardens! And I made a friend in the form of a cat named Oscar :D 

Today was a fab day and this is why I love my best friend! We have the greatest adventures together (as others have told me) and I cherish every single one of them. 

Thanks for reading
x x x 

Mum's 50th Birthday

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Yesterday was my Mum's birthday! The big 5 0 (Despite the fact that she constantly denies this.)
The morning started with presents, she received a lovely Champneys spa set from my Dad and I gave her a soppy card and made a photo book for her filled with photos of our travels and other family pictures. I ordered this from PhotoBox which I definitely recommend for their amazing service as I was worried it wouldn't turn up on time, however I received it 2 days after confirmation of it being shipped. It looked amazing and I would definitely use them again and more importantly my mum loved it too, she even cried.

Beautiful flowers from Nanan
After opening presents we looked through a lot of old family photos which could be used for her party on Saturday. It was so nice seeing these photos although she complained there were too many baby photos of me and not enough her haha! Following on from this I revealed to her the schedule for the day after joking that we were taking her to the old people's home, she was delighted when I told her me and Nanan were taking her for a Spa day at the Double Tree Hilton.

So my Dad dropped us off at the hotel and we headed straight to the spa. My mum started with her back massage which I had booked for her whilst I enjoyed relaxing in the sauna, steam room, jacuzzi & pool with nanan. My mum joined us glowing with a smile as she found the massage really relaxing. We then ordered afternoon tea in the bar which was delicious, this included smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches, slices of chocolate cake, scones with a pot of jam & cream and profiteroles. Me and Nanan shared a pot of tea and mum had a white wine. 

My dad joined us and then drove us back home but first we took a detour to Homebase, Matalan & Next. Me and Dad ended up going to Pets at Home where I just fell in love with the animals and I got to hold a rabbit (omg! She was so cute) Let me tell you I was very tempted to buy her but I didn't :(

We then went home and had a birthday dinner which Dad cooked! Salmon with a seafood selection and salad. We all chilled out for a bit and I brought in the birthday cake for mum in the form of a Cadbury's flake celebration cake. She blew out her candles and we all tucked in!

So that was the day summed up in a nutshell and she really loved it! She's still raving about it today. The next round is the Birthday BBQ on Saturday which should be fun, fingers crossed for no rain!

Thanks for reading!
x x x

I reached 30 followers & my Summer Bucket List!

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Yesterday morning I woke up to this lovely message in my inbox.

Eeek! I didn't think that I would gain 3 followers on bloglovin never mind 30. Thank you so much to everyone who follows my blog and I really appreciate the support. It's always a nice little surprise when I get a follow from someone and I love checking your blogs out!
It's almost been a year since I started this and I'm so glad that I did, writing this has really helped me get my feelings out instead of bottling them all up. Also I love sharing my days with all of you and I'll continue to share a lot more. 

I also want to try and do as much as possible this Summer with the little amount of money that I have but here it is
My Summer Bucket List:
  • Outdoor movie night/ Movie night in
  • Backyard camping
  • Bike rides
  • Disney day
  • Tramlines Festival
  • Pass my driving test before university
  • Visit Ireland
  • Go on a Mediterranean cruise
  • Write a book 
  • Picnic
  • Sushi night 
  • Go to Hathersage Swimming Pool
  • Go to Castleton & Bakewell
  • Trip to Blackpool
  • Have afternoon tea in York
  • Alton Towers
  • Write to my pen pal in Japan
  • Save money for travelling
  • Summer in the City
  • Bake
  • Take a trip to Filey
  • Take a trip to Matlock
  • Tone up my body
  • Learn how to do the splits (again)
I'm going to try and plan as much as possible so that I have an even better Summer than last year!
Thanks for reading and take care :)
x x x

Live, Laugh & Love!

(Not mine! But I would love to have them.)
July is finally here! Which makes me think YAY! Summer has finally arrived! 
As of the first of July I have decided this will be month where I set challenges for myself as I've still be moping around since coming back off holiday.
I started with my Blogilates adventure yesterday! I've been watching Cassey since last year and I've only completed one of her workout calendars (and I may have cheated on some workouts) but I noticed a difference afterwards as I felt a lot stronger and more toned. But I gave up afterwards and went back to being lazy. But this time I aim to persavere with this month's workout, I've even got my mum to join the bandwagon. This summer I want to see a difference again and eat clean! 

Another small challenge I've set for myself is to do more overtime at work because I simply need more money and I want to try and save money for moving out and travelling. My friend Charlotte has been my inspiration to save money, even though I'm the saver according to her. 

I'm also going to reward myself by pampering myself more and do at least one thing that makes me happy! I better start writing a list :) 

This month I am definitely going to try and Live, Laugh & Love! 
Tell me about any challenges you have set for yourself! 

Thanks for reading
x x x

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