Trip to Nottigham

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I've been meaning to write this post from last Wednesday which is when me and Lynette went to Nottingham. It was quite a spontaneous trip as we just decided to book a coach there the night before. I'd never been to Nottingham properly so I thought why not!
So we hopped on the coach around 11ish and got there for 12ish, we were starving so we decided to go for some Thai food. Using good old google map on my phone we found a beautiful Thai restaurant called Tarn Thai. They had a set lunch menu where you could have a two course meal, this pursuaded and the fact that it looked really pretty inside. We started taking pictures as soon as we stepped inside, well it had a koi pond with beautiful fishies haha! And a lovely water feature upstairs.
We both ordered the same appetiser, thoong tong (pastry parcels filled with chicken, prawns and vegetables) and then for the second course I got the gai pud priew wann (sweet and sour chicken) with boiled rice. They were both delicious!

Afterwards we hit the shops! I didn't really buy too much while I was there apart from some a foundation sponge, new mascara and a new barry m nail varnish in 'blue grape'. I also bought some new tops since it's almost Spring. Lynette was very proud of these gloves she purchased which I thought looked like finger puppets :)

We also retreated back to our 13 year old selves and took this photo haha!

 Afterwards we headed back to the coach station to get our coach at 6:20 but unfortunately it was delayed. I was disappointed because I wanted to make it home on time to watch the Brit awards but on the bright side we had treats to keep us company! The coach ended up arriving at 7:30 and we got back for about 8ish. I had a really lovely day and for once it was actually warm weather, so we picked the perfect day to go.

So life has been alright at the moment, I'm planning to make this week a good one by being stress free and making sure I have fun. This Thursday me and Megan have planned to go to an Alpaca farm (yep! really!) and go for tea and cake afterwards and then on Friday I'm off to London again for the weekend to see Beyonce (aaaaaah! Too excited!) And good news my driving instructor told me that she thinks that I'm up to the standard of doing my practical test, just a few things need practice. So maybe I will be able to drive this year eeeeek!

Thanks for reading this post and have a nice day!

Valentines Day

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I know I'm late to the party and valentines day was 2 days ago but I still wanted to post my experience!
So people think valentines day is a day for couples only but I view it as day to share love not just with your partner but with your friends and family too or in my case with people you haven't even met!

Yesterday I woke up to lovely text from my friend wishing me a happy valentines day which we send each other every year! I then donated blood for the second time and Lynette came with me. It felt really good to help someone who I hadn't met and to know that I was sharing something of mine to benefit someone else, made me happy.

Afterwards we had a 'romantic' meal in McDonalds with a chicken nugget sharebox and we exchanges gifts to each other. I received a lovely card with a pair of pink stripy winter socks, roses (the chocolates) and some cupcake designed nails. 

So it was a lovely day overall but after a while I stopped looking at Facebook as it was covered in photos of couples going out and I'm not going to lie, I felt a bit lonely, so for a few moments I felt like this.

But then I realised ah! so what! For people who are single pringle like me and feels like the only one who isn't with someone, just remember you ARE loved! It comes in all different forms such as chatting for 3 hours in starbucks with your friend or having the day with your mum at the bathroom store or checking your friend's bursary application (yes this was my week) so just keep sharing that love!

Anyways I hope you had a lovely valentines day whoever you spent it with :) thanks for reading!


The Liebster Award!

So today I woke up today to found out that I had been nominated for a liebster award by Marlee from Marlee and you & Serena from SerenBird (thank you both so much! ^_^) go and check out their lovely blogs! I had never heard of this award after today but I found out that it is an award which is used to help to promote the smaller, less well known blogs which I think is an amazing idea to help discover new blogs out there.

Here are the rules!
  • Link back to the person that nominated you & answer the 11 questions which they have asked you on their blog post.
  • Choose 11 people to nominate for the Liebster award and let them know that they have been nominated. But you can't choose the person who nominated you!
  • Ask your chosen 11 nominees questions.
  • Add the Liebster award badge to your blog :)
Here are my answers to Marlee's questions!

1. Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog because I was inspired by many other blogs which I would read, I thought it would be a nice idea to create an online (public) diary about the high and low moments in my life and to share my experience with others. I've met some lovely people after creating this blog.

2. Favourite nail polish colour?
I have too many to choose from but my favourite at the moment is my Topshop matte nail polish in Balmy. It's a lovely mint colour which dries really quickly and leaves a nice smooth effect.

3. Country or City?
I am definitely a city girl! I love the big city lifestyle and I dream of moving to London or Tokyo someday.

4. What would be the first thing you'd do if you won the lottery?
I would share it out with my family, donate to charity and go travelling to all the places I wanted to visit.

5. Best girl's night treat?
I think I'm going to have to go with pizza! Me and friends love sharing a delicious pizza when we have a sleepover, it makes everyone happy!

6.What's your all-time favourite movie?
Seriously too many to choose from but one springs to mind, I would probably say Shawn of the Dead! I love horror and comedy and it's a film I can watch over and over again and never get bored of.

7. Cat or Dog?
I love dogs! I've wanted a dog for so long.

8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I am always visiting London and I love being there so much! There is just an endless amount of things to do. I would probably live there or maybe in Japan although I have never been there haha!

9. Favourite quote?
"Do one thing everyday that scares you" - Eleanor Roosevelt. I try my hardest to live by this quote, to help me overcome the anxiety which sometimes holds me back.

10. Favourite Youtube personality?
This question seems to be the hardest to answer because it changes all the time since I love so many youtubers that have inspired me and made an impact in my life. But I would say my favourite at the moment is Bubzbeauty or Carrie Hope Fletcher, I met her last year and she is so lovely!

11. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
Meeting new people and seeing lovely comments and recording events in my life which I can look over and smile about. Just sharing my experiences with all of you

My answers to Serena:

1) If you could have dinner with one celebrity who would that be?

Hayley Williams! I'm sure it would be pretty amazing.

2) If you could only keep one thing from your closet what would it be?

I honestly couldn't choose, it would definitely be one of my dresses though.

3) The thing you like the most about yourself

I would say I am a kind-hearted person and I am always smiling even when I'm feeling down, if I can put a smile on someone else's face that makes me happy.

4) The craziest thing you have ever done?

I'm not really a 'crazy' sort of person but I like the idea of spontaneity. Doing last minute trips to London when I should have been studying is one. Booking a last minute trip to Paris with my mum was another. 

5) The Most important thing for you?
Health and Happiness!

6) What are your expectations regarding your blog?
I hope to inspire a lot more people and to meet more people!

7) If you could change one thing?
For myself I would probably change the anxiety and panic attacks I experience and get rid of them all and also become more motivated to do things again.

8) What is the thing you can't live without?
Family and friends definitely, but sometimes it's nice to have some me time once in a while.

9) What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Have a shower or on days off go eat breakfast :)

10) What is your biggest dream?
To live a happy life and to not stress as much! I hope I end up doing something I enjoy instead of what I am doing now. 

 11) If you could be anyone who will you be?
I'm gonna go ahead and say be myself. But if I had to choose I would be Jennifer Lawrence or Beyonce!

My 11 Questions:
1. What inspired you start your blog?
2. Do you know any other languages?
3. If you could travel to anywhere right now, where would you go?
4. Do you have any pets?
5. What colour is your bedroom?
6. Favourite type of music?
7. Last book you read?
8. Last holiday you went on or do you have any planned?
9.Would you describe yourself as laid back or energetic? 
10. Favourite outfit you own and where is it from?
11. Favourite season?

My nominations... 


Things I am thankful for

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I honestly feel blessed for the friends that I have right now as every single one of them has made a huge impact on my life.
A few days ago I was in quite an emotional state and I felt alone but today I re-evaluated this and realised I am not alone at all, in fact I am truly blessed. I was thinking of all the ways I had interacted with the ones I care about today:
whether they got me out the house to go out and do something that night, 
couldn't wait to see me and be reunited once again after being abroad, 
helped me become aware that I wasn't stupid and shouldn't doubt myself and that sticking through uni would be worth it in the end and it can be something to fall back on if something else comes along, that I can actually be a change in someone else's life and also that they were proud of me and happy to have me as the way I am.

One tip if you suffer from anxiety: If there is someone who makes you particularly more anxious whether it be a 'friend', boyfriend/girlfriend, who ever when you around them, you don't need them in your life. Surround yourself with positive, energetic and understanding people who want to be there for you. Avoid negative influences because they WILL bring you down. Negative influences are contagious and you will catch that negativity from them, people who are optimistic will give you the support you need because they want to see you happy! This has happened to me in different points of my life and as soon as I woke up and noticed that person made me feel crap about myself, I ditched them! Making more room for good friends to enter my life! 

What people have taught me:
My Mum taught me if you don't like something, then change it. Don't sit and complain about it! Which I have definitely taken on board! 
She also taught me that you can say 'NO' when responsibilities and obligations become too much. I know my blog is called say 'yes' but you don't always have to be the yes man, you're health is much more important! So if you really don't fancy going on that night out, then don't go if you feel like you will be unhappy the whole night.

So in general I am thankful for a lot of people in my life, who I learn from everyday.

This post was a little sketchy as I wrote it a few weeks ago but I just wanted to get these points down. 

Thanks for reading! x
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