December already?

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This year is going way too fast, where did November even go?
I've been so busy doing things, getting stuck into my assignments and panicking over everything haha! No wonder it felt like such a whirlwind.
I thought I would share all the photos I took in November to show what I have been up to in the past month.

*We went to see Disney on Ice in a moment of spontaneity and it was AMAZING! As soon as we entered the arena the smell of sweetness just hit me from all the popcorn and sweets, you definitely knew it was Disney. I couldn't help myself smiling all the way through it like I was a giddy 5 years old again! I treated myself to some flashing minnie mouse ears too. We agreed that we would definitely see Frozen on Ice next year*

*I've been to a few Christmas markets but not in my hometown, Manchester and Leeds. I took my mum to the Manchester one as she'd never been to one before. We had such a good time and the only thing I bought was a soap filled sponge, yeah it's really weird at first but I absolutely love mine! I went to the Leeds one with my friend and it was much different from Manchester's which was spread across the centre, I found this one so cute as it reminded me of a little village. We supped on Baileys hot chocolate and I got myself a crepe with Nutella.*

*Lynette celebrated her 21st birthday which was Frozen themed (no surprise there) but it was so nicely set out, had a lovely meal at Fancie and then sang happy birthday to her as the cake was brought out (I didn't get a photo so I stole hers hehe). Afterwards we continued celebrating in town where my friend Georgina was also celebrating her 21st! Lots of dancing and drinking cocktails! Thank god I'm no longer the old one anymore*

*We celebrated the one year anniversary of my Grandad's death by visiting his grave and laying some lovely flowers down. We then went for a quick bite to eat and drink at a lovely place (forgotten the name though). Truly emotional day.*

*We recently had a new couple move onto our street and they put on a lovely housewarming party, every one baked and brought things to eat, ah it was so cute! Plus I got to meet some people on my road that I'd never seen or spoken too. We're even thinking of having a street party next summer, actually can't wait*

*Had a nice birthday lunch with Lynette before our seminar, had a meal at a lovely Italian which we will definitely being going back too. I've been craving Italian food a lot lately. She also gave me some presents from Paris and Japan* 

*Some good news! I received my psychology placement for next semester at...The South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association, which I'm so pleased about because I really wanted to work in this area. I'm a little nervous but so excited at the same time*

*Just gonna throw in that I've finally got my hair highlighted again and now it looks all autumnal and brown, yaaay!*

*The last event of November was a lovely wedding party. My friend from Japanese class recently married and a few of us were invited to her wedding party which was held in a cottage hidden away (never actually knew it existed). It was a French/English wedding and she looked so beautiful. My love for the French language has definitely grown and I'm determined to learn it now*

Let's see what December has in store...

My 21st Birthday Celebration

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I finally got to celebrate my birthday at the weekend and I chose celebrate in style in Manchester. People kept asking me why Manchester? I love being in Manchester it just feels so lively and the nightlife seems better than Sheffield to me and if it wasn't Manchester I would have chosen London and I didn't fancy making us all broke.

I had an amazing weekend with my best friends and I am completely blessed to have these girls in my life for making it so special. I started the day with getting my nails painted in my own Barry M Gelly Nail Effect polish in Blue Grape and silver glitter polish to match my dress.

After rushing around and panicking before leaving the house, we were on the train to Manchester. 
We stayed in a lovely aparthotel (apartment hotel) 5 minutes away from the station, so glad my mum was able to find this one because it was quite a late booking. As soon as we entered the apartment we all gasped in excitement and ran from room to room bagsying bedrooms haha! 
I definitely felt quite glamorous staying here for the weekend in a two bedroom apartment with a nice view of Manchester. 

The night started with a trip to the shop to buy breakfast supplies and returning back to eat cake and play Ring of Fire which I'd never played, I've not laughed that much in a while my stomach was actually hurting. After playing two rounds we got dressed and I discovered how difficult it was to apply make up properly when you've been playing drinking games (never again). The blue sequin dress was in the ASOS sale for £16, they only had an XS left but luckily it was the perfect size and I wore a pair of nude heels £12 from ASDA. We took lots of girly photos shuffling from the kitchen to the bathroom and then we headed out.

We started with a meal which initially was going to be in Hard Rock Cafe, however there was a 75 minute wait and being pretty pricey we thought we'd try the all you can eat buffet next door called Peachy Keens and we ended up really liking it. The waiters were lovely and even told me how much they liked my dress. And you can't go wrong with 20% student discount making it £12 each. A lot cheaper than Hard Rock.

Next we got the taxi to Vodka Revolution on Oxford Road and we enjoyed a free shot and a pitcher. Afterwards we walked towards Sackville which is the vibrant gay village in Manchester, we decided to try their Baa Bar and I preferred this one a lot more compared to the one in Deansgate. Although me and friend got a bit freaked out by the unisex toilet.

We ended the night in 5th Avenue night club which I'm not going to lie was a bit of a disappointment with the music, but we met some lovely people there. We thought of looking for another place but being low on money and feeling exhausted we thought we'd head back to the apartment and just order pizza instead. 

In the end it was a really good night out, probably the best I've had in a while and I didn't have a breakdown yaaay! We had breakfast in the morning courtesy of Megan and checked out later because no normal person can leave at 11am. 

I had an amazing weekend of laughter and tears of happiness rolling down my face, we're pretty tempted to come back and do it all over again for 2 nights in the future. 

Hope you enjoyed reading!
x x x


A Birthday Refelection

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Once again I've neglected my blog for God knows how long! (I'm sorry blog)
Last Wednesday was my 21st birthday, it feels weird just writing that because I still don't feel any older and I've been told that I look about 12 years old instead.
I had a lovely time celebrating with a family meal at the Pointing Dog on Eccy road (pretty fancy!) and then on my actual Birthday I went to the cinema to see Annabelle and went to Cosmo, horror films and all you can eat food goes hand in hand for me! That weekend I celebrated other people's birthday, so this weekend I will be celebrating my birthday in Manchester with friends. 

For this post I wanted to reflect on my life in the past year as my friend made me do in the taxi back home last Wednesday.

What I've realised about myself:
I'm still really hard on myself...but I can't help being a perfectionist. I'm usually like this when it comes to university, driving lessons and life in general. When I have a moment of anxiety and have panic attacks I tend to be to hard on myself and work myself into a low mood comparing myself to everyone else. But another thing I've noticed is that I don't give up so easily, even though I'm not keen on my uni course I'm still trying my hardest and view it as a platform and a learning curb. 

One new thing I tried last year?
I started to go on bike rides again in the Summer which I really enjoyed, it helped me clear my mind and I was also getting exercise. I'll definitely keep it up! 

What new things do I want to try within this year?
I'm planning to take up guitar lessons again, take up yoga, volunteering, view life in a more positive way and to take up another language to learn. 

What has been my greatest achievement in the last year?
Sticking through university and getting into my second year which I couldn't even envision. Also for sticking through my part-time job whilst studying, I've never stayed in the same workplace for more than 3 months and I've gone and done it. Must be a year and a half now :)

What do I hope to achieve in the next year?
Next year I hope to see a happier, more focused and healthier version of myself. I want to try and enjoy my life more and not to put myself down as much. I hope to see the world as much as much as possible whether it be abroad or just locally, your twenties is the best time to just do it all. 

What do I need to work on?
I think I need to start being more selfish and do more for myself. My whole life I've been worrying about what other people think about me and I even took a course at uni because I thought my family wouldn't be proud of me for picking a course which wasn't as 'academic or wouldn't get me far in the future'. I should be doing what I love because it is my life! I always believe that good results will come to those who work hard so I am determined work hard and change my life for the better. 

What was the best thing about last year?
Meeting new people and forming new friendships definitely comes to mind. Another is when I went to Florida in the summer and spending time with my friend, it was nice to feel a sense of freedom.

When was I at my lowest point?
I've had a few low points this year and they all stem from studying uni course which I no longer have a passion for and the future. It scares me so much that I won't do as well as people expected in near the future. It made me sad to see that people were enjoying their lives at uni or know what they wanted to do and I just felt constantly lost. 

One piece of advice I would give to my future self?
My advice is not to worry too much and if I am really determined to work hard everything will be alright.

A proper birthday post will be up soon about my adventures this weekend!

x x x


New Pampering Routine

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These past few days I've been on the verge of anxiety which usually gets me down so I decided to spend my Saturday evening pampering myself after a rough night trying to sleep on Friday and a mediocre day at work.

Here's my pampering essentials: 

2) Bioderma Sebium H20 cleanser
3) Peach deep moisturising foot pack

I always start with a nice hot bubble bath to feel relaxed even though I still have a million thoughts rushing around my head but it's nice to have time to think. While you're in there you could use a body scrub too! 
Before I got in the bath I applied a face mask that I keep on for around 15-20 minutes and let it set whilst I relax in the bath. 
After that I washed the mask off and cleansed with Bioderma and a spritz of my Body Shop Vitamin E face mist (sorry I forgot to include it in the photo) it gives a refreshing feeling and moisturises.
I've started to use Boots fruity strawberry body butter to moisturise my body and it's smells delicious.
I then tried on the peach moisturising foot pack which I think you can get from Poundland, you put the boots on and let them work their magic although they're really cold when you first put them on but they soon warmed up after I put some winter socks over them.   
Before I go to sleep I use a vitamin C radiance capsule which somehow makes my skin feel smoother and gives it a little glow and then finally I apply a touch of  cocoa butter cream to my face (I've grown up with this stuff).
I then got into bed and watched a DVD. If you haven't seen 'We're the Millers' you need to because it's hilarious! 

If you want to go further out, why not do your nails or get them done, which is what I did! Unfortunately I'm not allowed coloured paint or any painted nails due to work but this french manicure is just what I needed and it's lasted almost 2 weeks. 

I also treated myself to some autumn make-up. I searched ages for a lipstick for the new season and I finally chose 'Media'. Along with that I purchased some studio fix powder foundation and a free tester pot of liquid foundation. 
Because I couldn't completely leave summer behind I couldn't resist getting a Summer Scoop Yankee candle which smells divine.

After all this I forgot about everything that I was worrying about and actually got a good night sleep :) 

Thanks for reading
x x x

Anxiety & Depression | My story

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I actually can't believe that this blog is now 1 years old! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY I guess.
I thought it would only be right to make a post related to this blog which I created to write down my progress whilst living with anxiety, I thought in this post I should discuss my anxiety which is long overdue now. 

Before I start I just want to say this post is pretty long one and I really appreciate you for even clicking onto this page, it was quite hard to write.

For people who don't really understand what anxiety is I'll try and explain it:
Most people who have that feeling of nervousness when they're in stressful situations such as taking an exam, doing a driving test or going for an interview which would be classed as normal, but for other people this feeling of worry is very hard to switch off and it can continue for an uncomfortable length of time to the point where it becomes a huge obstacle which gets in the way of life. You begin to develop this fear of mostly minor things which people normally don't have trouble overcoming and this can lead to panic attacks and sometimes agoraphobia where you can't even face the world because you fear that they're will be no escape or that people will be judging you.

What does anxiety feel like? Well in my case anxiety feels like having a ticking time bomb in my body which could just go off at any time. I discovered that I have a panic disorder where I have recurring panic attacks which could happen at any time for no particular reason. 

When did my anxiety begin?
The past few years feel like a blur but I think it became clearer in 2012, which felt like a disastrous year. At first I didn't really have anxiety and I felt more depressed at this time. I was going into my last year of sixth form and I just felt really down, I hated myself especially the way I looked, I hated that I had no confidence and I felt so stupid. I remember looking at old photos of myself with my mum, one particular photo which sticks in my head was a holiday picture of me posing in a bikini on the beach smiling from ear to ear and looking so happy and confident. I felt like crying when I looked at that photo because I couldn't remember a time when I felt that happy, I remember my mum saying something along the lines of 'we can get through this and get you back to that stage again.' As time went on I started to feel numb and worthless and I would spend most of my days and nights crying after faking a smile in front of my friends the whole day. Some days I just couldn't keep it together and I would just go to the toilets in school to cry. I let it get so far that I actually wished that I wasn't alive and the cracks started to show in front of my friends and family, they would ask me what's wrong and I just could't tell them, I'd usually shrug it off with 'I'm just tired' or 'nothing' but I wasn't convincing anyone.
This feeling was starting to take a toll on my social and school life, I wasn't enjoying the things I used to do anymore and I wasn't trying as hard at school. In my last year of Sixth Form I didn't go in as much because I thought what's the point so instead I would just stay in bed while my mum rang in sick for me. Some of my friends started to worry about me because I wasn't the same person before. When I did go in I would sit with my friends and not join in their conversations and couldn't wait for the day to end.

There Is Hope. . .
One morning before class I came into school and I felt like a balloon filled with water which was ready to burst. I was at my locker and two of my friends were talking to me and I just cried in front of them, this was probably the turning point in my life and when my friends realised there was a problem. I felt so fragile and I think I ended up going home early that day. I thought I have to tell my mum which ended up in me crying A LOT! At first I don't think she really understood it at first but I know she wanted to do the best she could to help me, so we tried going down different avenues. She had heard of CAMHS which stands for Children and Adult Mental Health Services however I was over the age limit for this service so they recommended adult services for me. I visited my GP, told him my symptoms and he told me straight away that my symptoms matched depression and anxiety. He told me about therapy and medication but he recommend to start with therapy first.
I was added to a 3 month waiting list to start an online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy course called Beating the Blues. To be honest I didn't find this helpful at all but I finished the course.

Back to Square One. . .
After completing the course my depression had improved a little bit and I started to feel happier but my anxiety was getting worse, this developed into a cycle. I went to see my GP again but I got a different one this time, I told him how I felt and he wasn't really helpful as he just prescribed me SSRI's so easily (I can't remember which one though, sorry) it felt like he just wanted to get rid of me. My mum definitely wasn't happy with this and it actually made her cry, I'll never forget that moment because it actually broke my heart to see her sad and I felt like it was all my fault that I was so weak. I took one pill and believe me I definitely felt the side effects of nausea and feeling tired so I stopped, I didn't want to be dependant on medication.
I decided I wasn't giving up so I booked another appointment with another GP and he referred me to see a therapist where we would have one-to-one CBT.
I was on another waiting list, in the mean time I saw my school counsellor once a week which helped a little. This was due to the communication between my Mum and my form tutor who also brought the attention to some of my teachers, some of them actually told me they didn't even realise that I was so stressed and wasn't coping which just goes to show how well people can hide behind this mask and fool everyone around them. My teachers would regularly check on me to see if I was coping and I also got support from my friends.

Starting Therapy. . .
I finally got a date for starting therapy some time last year. Once a week I saw my therapist and I began to fill in a diary where I wrote down how I felt, what I did that day and I rate my feelings out of 10. My therapist really praised me for doing this as it would help me notice a pattern. Each session I had to fill out a questionnaire to assess and monitor my level of anxiety and depression, I definitely had my ups and downs every week but he assured me that this was normal. He also gave me homework which involved learning coping skills and applying them to my daily life, sometimes it worked for me and sometimes it didn't but I was always determined to try again and not let it get me down, I always thought in my mind 'tomorrow is a new day'.
When my Cognitive Behavioural Therapy came to an end, I wouldn't say I was completely cured I still had my anxiety but I was happier because I had achieved so much in life such as passing my A-levels, being accepted into university, decided to take a gap year, got a job and even gained the courage to leave that job for another one which made me a lot happier. I would definitely say it has given me more control over my life.

A happy ending?
After a year onwards I am still struggling with anxiety and do still have moments of depression which springs on me out of nowhere but when I do I look back and think I've got through it before I can do it again. My life isn't fantastic and I've learnt that I will probably never completely get rid of these feelings, I still get panic attacks at work, uni or even when I'm own my own at home and it is mentally and physically draining but I am determined to fight it. To be honest I don't really like my uni course that much and I end up panicking about what the future holds for me but I want to give second year a chance and maybe my love for psychology will return, who knows? In the end it might be all worth while.

What have I learnt?
From these past few years I realised that talking and opening up can do all sorts of wonderful things, bottling everything up just made things worse for me and it just isn't healthy. Talking also helps because the people around you funnily enough are not mind readers and don't always know how you're feeling by just looking at you. I learnt that not every one will be there for you, I probably lost one friend after telling them although it helped me notice that she wasn't a real friend anyway. It helped me to gain friends who I can be open with about it and it doesn't seem to bother them, in fact I've met so many people who I work with that have social anxiety disorders or suffer from depression and I didn't even realise. I've also realised that personal space is very important and a bit of time to myself is needed to recharge my emotional batteries regularly. The final lesson is that not everyone fully understands the effect this can have on you personally even though they may say they feel exactly the same or they went through it too, every one has a different experience and you can't compare which I find my mum tends to do a lot but I guess people just need to be educated on this sort of stuff and awareness needs to be raised.

In the meantime I've been reading these books which I would recommend.

For self discovery and personal growth: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

For moments of anxiety and stress: Control Stress by Paul McKenna

This animation is really good and I can definitely relate to it.

Even the film 'Frozen' always tugs on my heart strings as I can see the anxiety and depression which Elsa goes through.
But both helped me realise that things do get better and you have to overcome it yourself!
I know this was really long and I was considering making this post into two parts, I can totally understand if this was too long to read but I just felt the need to write this all out. If you have any questions related to this please ask me, I'm always here to listen.
Thank you for reading
x x x

My favourite places in London

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Now I don't live in London but I definitely treat it as my second home. I just love discovering parts of London, every time I seem to wander into a new area. Here's a list of places where I love to hang out when I'm there.

#1 Islington 
I've only just recently discovered Islington and I haven't done too much exploring there. I've stayed over in an apartment here and I'd describe it as an elegant and vibrant area. Take a walk on Upper Street which is lined with shops, pubs and restaurants. I'd recommend The Vineyard, they do amazing pizzas and why not get a pitcher of Pimm's on a sunny day and sit in the beer garden. If you fancy a night out afterwards there's also the O2 Academy.
We passed through Angel (near angel tube station) which I loved for it's quirky and exciting atmosphere with the array of shops and restaurants. My only regret was not checking out Camden passage just off Upper Street which is full of vintage antique shops along with cafe's and restaurants. (I really want to try Issy's Milky Way). We did manage to dine at Five Guys which is an American diner, they do amazing burgers and you get to choose from numerous toppings and an overwhelming amount of drink flavours to choose from. Coming back we went to Cybercandy which is an international sweet shop, I mainly hovered around the Japanese sweets as I always do. But they have some great treats that would make lovely souvenirs.

#2 Oxford Street
All I can say is SHOPS, SHOPS & MORE SHOPS. This is usually my first stop in London and I'm not really a huge shopper but I always find myself wandering into Urban Outfitters with it's four floors (I think) then into Topshop (I don't remember how many floors this has but it's a lot). New Look is another favourite and the huge Primark.
KIKO an Italian brand make-up store which I haven't been into yet but I did go into two in Italy (Livorno and Florence) and it's definitely one of my favourite make-up brands.

#3 Soho
This is my favourite place to hang out at night as it's great for entertainment and experiencing different types of food. Whenever I go with my mum we always stop to eat at Jerk City which makes the most amazing Caribbean food. If you're a fan of bubble tea try out Bubbleology which has a science lab theme, my favourite flavour is Taro (kind of tastes like oreos.) End the night with dessert and indulge in frozen yoghurt at Snog, when I first saw the setting of this place I was in awe and gazed at the illuminating LED lights which suspend from the ceiling. This is a great hang out place to chill out and watch the world go by outside.There is so much more in Soho that I want to explore so I will definitely try to do that on my next trip.

#4 Chinatown
If you're really into you're bubble tea and want to try a wider variety of flavours, try Boba Jam and Cuppacha. If you're like me and you're obsessed with international beauty products (should probably write a post about that) in particular asian beauty products stroll down Newport Court to find P2bus, the sign isn't in English so look out for a small pink building with a yellow sign. There's also Chinatown Market which has a range of products and will keep you busy for a while.

#5 Camden
The first stop is obviously Camden Market, the last time I went was on a Sunday and I spent forever at each stall which caught my eye. I bought two beautiful dresses and spotted some shoes that I loved but they didn't have my size (I ended up purchasing them online). For quirky shoes and accessories go to Irregular Choice store. To fulfil my vintage and quirky clothing needs I go to Lily J. London, I first discovered them at the Clothes Show Live and I'm always guaranteed to buy something when I visit their store, I literally can not resist. I also like to shop in Punky Fish and American Apparel, however I don't visit these stores very often. If you fancy going outside of Camden and want to see animals go to ZSL London zoo which is very easy to get lost in (we got lost trying to find the exit) but still absolutely fascinating.

#6 Leicester square
Leicester Square is stunning at night time with all the lights and it's the place to be for entertainment. If you're a big fan of chocolate, M&M's world is the one for you! 3 floors of chocolatey goodness and be sure to take part in the quiz that sees which flavour you are. There's also a variety of cinemas such as Odeon, Vue & Empire and if you see a huge swarm of people there's likely to be a movie premier going on. It's definitely the place to be for theatres and restaurants!

Ah! London, I do love you :)


50 Facts about me

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A few weeks ago I gained 50+ followers on Bloglovin and as a thank you I thought I'd share some facts that not many people know about me!

1. I can't listen to 'Heaven' by Beyonce without crying because it reminds me of my grandad. I cried on my mum when she performed it at her concert.

2. When I was in primary school I really wanted to be in a band! Me and my friends even made a band (we all played guitar and I would sing).

3. I used to do athletics! I was the fastest in my class at school and I used to compete representing my school & city of Sheffield athletics club.

4. I did tap and ballet and I did shows, unfortunately I was quite young so I don't really remember it all that well.

5. I did gymnastics, never competed but took part in a show for the opening of our school sports hall and got in the newspaper.

6. I also did drama classes for a bit. Did one show and quit afterwards.

7. I have a large ringbinder somewhere full of stories I wrote when I was younger. (There were some crazy stories in there).

8. My dream job was to be a fashion designer, interior designer, pediatrician, teacher, writer. It changes all the time. 

9. I wanted to be a mermaid so much my mum would wrap my legs up in a blanket so that I could pretend I was part fish.

10. I used to be obsessed with fairies, collecting crystals and spongebob (don't ask).

11. Me and my friend, Lydia used to write and send each other letters even though we would see each other every day at school.

12. I shared a diary with my friend Toni (Antonia). I think she still has it :) 

13. Me and my friends had a club called the Sleepover Club based on the tv show...yes.

14. My guilty pleasure is Korean & Japanese music. It's no secret that I loved gangnam style especially when I was drunk haha!

15. My favourite band changes a lot, but I'm sticking with Muse.

16. I still don't know what I want to do in the future and sometimes I cry and have a breakdown when I think about it too much.

17. I don't really like university that much. Mainly just my course.

18. I spend most of my life planning future travel destinations.

19. I loooove horror films. I also like comedy horror, sci-fi, action, psychological thrillers, quirky films & foreign films. 

20. I have a lot of self-help books. Some I actually found helpful.

21. I didn't realise how much I actually liked Disney films until this year. I get that feeling of nostalgia :)

22. I'm 20 years old and I would choose a night in with pizza over a night out clubbing any day. 

23. I hate having driving lessons. 

24. My favourite colour is blue (usually any shade) along with lilac and pink. 

25. My middle name is an African name (I'm not keen though). 

26. I love drinking cocktails and eating sushi. 

27. I love shabby chic style. 

28. I hate the taste of butter. I will actually throw up. 

29. I have a fast metabolism. It can be a blessing and a curse. 

30. I'm an introvert, I like being on my own but it can get lonely sometimes. I'm also a perfectionist.

31. I have a lot of nail varnishes. 

32. I used to be quite bossy when I was younger. Totally different now.

33. I sprained my neck doing gymnastics.

34. I'm kind of scared of moving out but excited about having my own place.

35. I can't walk in heels. I just look like a newborn donkey. 

36. I like to dance around my room when I'm happy.

37. My favourite meal to make is pasta pesto with chicken.

38. My favourite accents are Australian, Irish & London accents. 

39. My favourite languages are Japanese & French.

40. My family background is Jamaican and Nigerian. 

41. Adventure time, Sherlock and The Walking Dead are my favourite shows. :D

42. I know the words to every Britney Spears song, I was a huge fan. 

43. I have a weird sense of humour and people usually don't know whether I'm being sarcastic or serious.

44. The first time I was a bridesmaid was at my mums wedding when I was 13.

45. I've never been to a proper music festival. (I mean like camping in a tent).

46. I won a fancy dress competition dressed as a butterfly. (Mum made a fabulous costume haha)

47. People often ask if my mum is my older sister (it's hard to tell whether they're joking or not).

48. I've never been on a date. 

49. I always cry at the Titanic, Marley & Me, My sister's keeper, The boy in the striped pyjamas, The fault in our stars (book and movie) and L: Change the world. 

50. I always believe that everything happens for a reason. 

Wow! I thought I'd only come up with 10 facts.
Hope you enjoyed getting to know me :)

Let's go for a ride

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Last Wednesday my family and I took a trip to Hassop and hired out bikes to do the Monsal trail just near the Peak District. 

I also learnt about the history of Hassop train station and I managed to clear my mind for a few hours. I loved going through the tunnels too, and what better way to end the day than with ice cream :)
This is one thing I definitely want to do more often as it's great way of keeping fit too! 

Thanks for reading 
x x x

Rekorderlig's Spirit of Summer

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One of my favourite things to do in Summer is sitting outside listening to good music with a fruity cider in hand. Well when my friend won tickets on Facebook to the Rekorderlig's Spirit of Summer event I was so excited. This is an event which has a series of 20 parties across Glasgow, Manchester, London & Bournemouth, we chose Manchester as it is the closest to where we live. 

On the 31st July we headed off to Manchester. We first stopped at the hotel to check in and then headed out to the Arndale to indulge in Taco Bell. Afterwards it was time to get ready I decided to wear my black playsuit with black flat shoes and Megan wore a beautiful floral dress, we were both going for the Summery & Sophisticated look.

The event started at 6pm and it was held on the rooftop terrace of the Black Dog Ballroom. As soon as we walked in we were astounded by how beautiful it looked. The garden theme which they had used was beautifully enchanting and they allowed us to wear a free flower crown to add to the floral theme. 

The ticket entitled us to a wristband with 3 coupons for canapés, a coupon to receive a free Rekorderlig drink, a chance to try their three new flavours, and having a photo taken which could be printed and uploaded to Facebook. I felt like I was at an exclusive VIP party with the DJ and all the people there haha! There was even an area to get a face paint done. 

We decided to try out one of their cocktail pitchers as well which was a similar taste to Pimms which I love, so that went down really well. I liked it so much I found a recipe and I will most definitely be giving it a try this Summer. You could also order traditional Swedish food but we stuck to the Swedish canapés (if you didn't already know Rekorderlig is a Swedish brand). When it came to the dessert canapés we couldn't help but have more than one of those, they were just so moreish.

Afterwards we continued the rest of our night out in Vodka Revs and Baa Barr which had an unusual twist as they made scientific cocktails which was amazing (you should definitely go check them out). 
The night ended with the usual Dominos pizza being delivered to our hotel and passing out haha!
Such a great end to an amazing day :)

If your interested in the Spirit of Summer event why not head over to Billetto to purchase a ticket for £10 or enter one of the many competitions to win tickets. You must be 18 years or over to take part in this event.


Cocoa Wonderland!

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I love spontaneous days out with my bestie! Me and Megan decided to embrace the 'hottest day of the year' at the park however it rained a bit, thundered and it was just really humid! So change of plans we decided to venture for some tea & cake.
A place in mind randomly popped into my head and I thought why not go to Cocoa Wonderland on Eccy Road! I've always wanted to go but the thought never crossed my mind often enough. 

I knew it was a place which sold chocolate but from reading the reviews they did tea, cake and lots more! 

We arrived at the shop and we felt overwhelmed with excitement as soon as we entered! It felt like a traditional sweet shop with all the array of colours. Even the woman serving us could sense how giddy we felt. I ordered a rocky road hot chocolate & a slice of chocolate fudge cake and Megan ordered a banoffe shake & a chocolate fudge cake, the lady told us she would bring it to us. We had a choice of sitting downstairs or upstairs so we sat upstairs! We even got to put our phone in the docking station and play music. Everything was delicious! My hot chocolate was really chocolatey so I didn't get to finish it all, but I helped myself to the free jug of water to wash it all down. The view of busy Eccy road was nice as well. 

Afterwards we took a stroll into the botanical gardens! And I made a friend in the form of a cat named Oscar :D 

Today was a fab day and this is why I love my best friend! We have the greatest adventures together (as others have told me) and I cherish every single one of them. 

Thanks for reading
x x x 
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