My favourite places in London

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Now I don't live in London but I definitely treat it as my second home. I just love discovering parts of London, every time I seem to wander into a new area. Here's a list of places where I love to hang out when I'm there.

#1 Islington 
I've only just recently discovered Islington and I haven't done too much exploring there. I've stayed over in an apartment here and I'd describe it as an elegant and vibrant area. Take a walk on Upper Street which is lined with shops, pubs and restaurants. I'd recommend The Vineyard, they do amazing pizzas and why not get a pitcher of Pimm's on a sunny day and sit in the beer garden. If you fancy a night out afterwards there's also the O2 Academy.
We passed through Angel (near angel tube station) which I loved for it's quirky and exciting atmosphere with the array of shops and restaurants. My only regret was not checking out Camden passage just off Upper Street which is full of vintage antique shops along with cafe's and restaurants. (I really want to try Issy's Milky Way). We did manage to dine at Five Guys which is an American diner, they do amazing burgers and you get to choose from numerous toppings and an overwhelming amount of drink flavours to choose from. Coming back we went to Cybercandy which is an international sweet shop, I mainly hovered around the Japanese sweets as I always do. But they have some great treats that would make lovely souvenirs.

#2 Oxford Street
All I can say is SHOPS, SHOPS & MORE SHOPS. This is usually my first stop in London and I'm not really a huge shopper but I always find myself wandering into Urban Outfitters with it's four floors (I think) then into Topshop (I don't remember how many floors this has but it's a lot). New Look is another favourite and the huge Primark.
KIKO an Italian brand make-up store which I haven't been into yet but I did go into two in Italy (Livorno and Florence) and it's definitely one of my favourite make-up brands.

#3 Soho
This is my favourite place to hang out at night as it's great for entertainment and experiencing different types of food. Whenever I go with my mum we always stop to eat at Jerk City which makes the most amazing Caribbean food. If you're a fan of bubble tea try out Bubbleology which has a science lab theme, my favourite flavour is Taro (kind of tastes like oreos.) End the night with dessert and indulge in frozen yoghurt at Snog, when I first saw the setting of this place I was in awe and gazed at the illuminating LED lights which suspend from the ceiling. This is a great hang out place to chill out and watch the world go by outside.There is so much more in Soho that I want to explore so I will definitely try to do that on my next trip.

#4 Chinatown
If you're really into you're bubble tea and want to try a wider variety of flavours, try Boba Jam and Cuppacha. If you're like me and you're obsessed with international beauty products (should probably write a post about that) in particular asian beauty products stroll down Newport Court to find P2bus, the sign isn't in English so look out for a small pink building with a yellow sign. There's also Chinatown Market which has a range of products and will keep you busy for a while.

#5 Camden
The first stop is obviously Camden Market, the last time I went was on a Sunday and I spent forever at each stall which caught my eye. I bought two beautiful dresses and spotted some shoes that I loved but they didn't have my size (I ended up purchasing them online). For quirky shoes and accessories go to Irregular Choice store. To fulfil my vintage and quirky clothing needs I go to Lily J. London, I first discovered them at the Clothes Show Live and I'm always guaranteed to buy something when I visit their store, I literally can not resist. I also like to shop in Punky Fish and American Apparel, however I don't visit these stores very often. If you fancy going outside of Camden and want to see animals go to ZSL London zoo which is very easy to get lost in (we got lost trying to find the exit) but still absolutely fascinating.

#6 Leicester square
Leicester Square is stunning at night time with all the lights and it's the place to be for entertainment. If you're a big fan of chocolate, M&M's world is the one for you! 3 floors of chocolatey goodness and be sure to take part in the quiz that sees which flavour you are. There's also a variety of cinemas such as Odeon, Vue & Empire and if you see a huge swarm of people there's likely to be a movie premier going on. It's definitely the place to be for theatres and restaurants!

Ah! London, I do love you :)


50 Facts about me

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A few weeks ago I gained 50+ followers on Bloglovin and as a thank you I thought I'd share some facts that not many people know about me!

1. I can't listen to 'Heaven' by Beyonce without crying because it reminds me of my grandad. I cried on my mum when she performed it at her concert.

2. When I was in primary school I really wanted to be in a band! Me and my friends even made a band (we all played guitar and I would sing).

3. I used to do athletics! I was the fastest in my class at school and I used to compete representing my school & city of Sheffield athletics club.

4. I did tap and ballet and I did shows, unfortunately I was quite young so I don't really remember it all that well.

5. I did gymnastics, never competed but took part in a show for the opening of our school sports hall and got in the newspaper.

6. I also did drama classes for a bit. Did one show and quit afterwards.

7. I have a large ringbinder somewhere full of stories I wrote when I was younger. (There were some crazy stories in there).

8. My dream job was to be a fashion designer, interior designer, pediatrician, teacher, writer. It changes all the time. 

9. I wanted to be a mermaid so much my mum would wrap my legs up in a blanket so that I could pretend I was part fish.

10. I used to be obsessed with fairies, collecting crystals and spongebob (don't ask).

11. Me and my friend, Lydia used to write and send each other letters even though we would see each other every day at school.

12. I shared a diary with my friend Toni (Antonia). I think she still has it :) 

13. Me and my friends had a club called the Sleepover Club based on the tv show...yes.

14. My guilty pleasure is Korean & Japanese music. It's no secret that I loved gangnam style especially when I was drunk haha!

15. My favourite band changes a lot, but I'm sticking with Muse.

16. I still don't know what I want to do in the future and sometimes I cry and have a breakdown when I think about it too much.

17. I don't really like university that much. Mainly just my course.

18. I spend most of my life planning future travel destinations.

19. I loooove horror films. I also like comedy horror, sci-fi, action, psychological thrillers, quirky films & foreign films. 

20. I have a lot of self-help books. Some I actually found helpful.

21. I didn't realise how much I actually liked Disney films until this year. I get that feeling of nostalgia :)

22. I'm 20 years old and I would choose a night in with pizza over a night out clubbing any day. 

23. I hate having driving lessons. 

24. My favourite colour is blue (usually any shade) along with lilac and pink. 

25. My middle name is an African name (I'm not keen though). 

26. I love drinking cocktails and eating sushi. 

27. I love shabby chic style. 

28. I hate the taste of butter. I will actually throw up. 

29. I have a fast metabolism. It can be a blessing and a curse. 

30. I'm an introvert, I like being on my own but it can get lonely sometimes. I'm also a perfectionist.

31. I have a lot of nail varnishes. 

32. I used to be quite bossy when I was younger. Totally different now.

33. I sprained my neck doing gymnastics.

34. I'm kind of scared of moving out but excited about having my own place.

35. I can't walk in heels. I just look like a newborn donkey. 

36. I like to dance around my room when I'm happy.

37. My favourite meal to make is pasta pesto with chicken.

38. My favourite accents are Australian, Irish & London accents. 

39. My favourite languages are Japanese & French.

40. My family background is Jamaican and Nigerian. 

41. Adventure time, Sherlock and The Walking Dead are my favourite shows. :D

42. I know the words to every Britney Spears song, I was a huge fan. 

43. I have a weird sense of humour and people usually don't know whether I'm being sarcastic or serious.

44. The first time I was a bridesmaid was at my mums wedding when I was 13.

45. I've never been to a proper music festival. (I mean like camping in a tent).

46. I won a fancy dress competition dressed as a butterfly. (Mum made a fabulous costume haha)

47. People often ask if my mum is my older sister (it's hard to tell whether they're joking or not).

48. I've never been on a date. 

49. I always cry at the Titanic, Marley & Me, My sister's keeper, The boy in the striped pyjamas, The fault in our stars (book and movie) and L: Change the world. 

50. I always believe that everything happens for a reason. 

Wow! I thought I'd only come up with 10 facts.
Hope you enjoyed getting to know me :)

Let's go for a ride

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Last Wednesday my family and I took a trip to Hassop and hired out bikes to do the Monsal trail just near the Peak District. 

I also learnt about the history of Hassop train station and I managed to clear my mind for a few hours. I loved going through the tunnels too, and what better way to end the day than with ice cream :)
This is one thing I definitely want to do more often as it's great way of keeping fit too! 

Thanks for reading 
x x x

Rekorderlig's Spirit of Summer

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One of my favourite things to do in Summer is sitting outside listening to good music with a fruity cider in hand. Well when my friend won tickets on Facebook to the Rekorderlig's Spirit of Summer event I was so excited. This is an event which has a series of 20 parties across Glasgow, Manchester, London & Bournemouth, we chose Manchester as it is the closest to where we live. 

On the 31st July we headed off to Manchester. We first stopped at the hotel to check in and then headed out to the Arndale to indulge in Taco Bell. Afterwards it was time to get ready I decided to wear my black playsuit with black flat shoes and Megan wore a beautiful floral dress, we were both going for the Summery & Sophisticated look.

The event started at 6pm and it was held on the rooftop terrace of the Black Dog Ballroom. As soon as we walked in we were astounded by how beautiful it looked. The garden theme which they had used was beautifully enchanting and they allowed us to wear a free flower crown to add to the floral theme. 

The ticket entitled us to a wristband with 3 coupons for canapés, a coupon to receive a free Rekorderlig drink, a chance to try their three new flavours, and having a photo taken which could be printed and uploaded to Facebook. I felt like I was at an exclusive VIP party with the DJ and all the people there haha! There was even an area to get a face paint done. 

We decided to try out one of their cocktail pitchers as well which was a similar taste to Pimms which I love, so that went down really well. I liked it so much I found a recipe and I will most definitely be giving it a try this Summer. You could also order traditional Swedish food but we stuck to the Swedish canapés (if you didn't already know Rekorderlig is a Swedish brand). When it came to the dessert canapés we couldn't help but have more than one of those, they were just so moreish.

Afterwards we continued the rest of our night out in Vodka Revs and Baa Barr which had an unusual twist as they made scientific cocktails which was amazing (you should definitely go check them out). 
The night ended with the usual Dominos pizza being delivered to our hotel and passing out haha!
Such a great end to an amazing day :)

If your interested in the Spirit of Summer event why not head over to Billetto to purchase a ticket for £10 or enter one of the many competitions to win tickets. You must be 18 years or over to take part in this event.

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