Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!

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This Friday that has just gone was a very exciting day as I went to Manchester to see Paramore!
Now the night before I was really stressed out since I had organised this trip and because one of my friends had dropped out of going because of silly arguments between the group, but thankfully one of our other friends was able to book a last minute coach and join us! So we hopped on the train about 10am and arrived about 11ish, the journey was sooo quick! 

Our hotel was lovely even though it was a budget hotel, I stayed in a triple room with a double bed and bunk bed (which was awesome!) the only weird thing was the shower was in the room and had clear glass so you could see through it haha! we got past this though as we were totally amazed with the coloured LED lights on the shower head (easily amused us lot.)

Our day involved frolicking around Manchester in the Arndale shopping centre, eating at Wetherspoons and visiting their huge Primark! Picked up our friend at the coach station and headed off to the M.E.N arena for PARAMORE!

The supporting acts were okay! I enjoyed Eliza and the Bear very much however Charli XCX wasn't really my cup of tea. As soon as Paramore came on stage, the audience was going crazy as they started with 'Grow Up'. The whole show was fantastic and really lived up to my expectations. It even got pretty emotional when the played 'The Only Excepetion' and the whole arena was filled with lights from the audiences phones. During 'Misery Business' they grabbed someone from the audience to sing a part of the song, I was totally jealous! And then at the end they sprayed confetti everywhere, it was like a huge party for thousands of people ^_^ 
Now this was the second time I have seen Paramore and they were just as amazing when I saw them 3 years ago. Their style may have changed a little but they were still the same group on stage and had me up and dancing just as crazily, I think I even sprained my ankle!

We went out afterwards into the city centre but we were too exhausted to drink and dance some more, so we didn't stay out too long!
The next morning we checked out the hotel and had breakfast at Costa which was scrumptious! Afterwards we headed towards the train station and went back home!

Overall I had an amazing night and I didn't want to leave Manchester and I didn't have any anxiety but lots of fun instead! I bought a new shirt from the concert as well which I don't want to take off because I love it. 

Sorry this was so long and I'm definitely going to try to blog more. Thanks for reading x

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