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The last time I wrote on this blog was in April just to say I was still alive and I'm still continuing to post. Now that I have officially finished (survived) my first year of university, I can start writing again!! The last few months has made me feel so drained as I stressed over everything and not just uni work, I just felt so lifeless especially during the last few weeks of my exam. Even though my last exam was on tuesday I still don't feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, but I'm proud because I managed to get through it all.

Anyway this post is mainly a short catch up on all the things I've been up to while I've been away from my blog:

  • Fall Out boy in Newcastle
  • McBusted!!
  • Bowling in between uni lectures
  • Japanese Foundation Touring Programme at showroom cinema 
  • Trips to London 
  • Still taking driving lessons
  • Still house hunting
  • Mother's day afternoon tea 
  • Macmillan night in
  • Games night in with friends
  • Won money at a pub quiz
  • Work Easter party
  • Day trip to Cleethorpes 
  • Bought a macbook
  • Booked a holiday to Florida
  • Nanan's 80th Birthday!
What I plan to do next:
  • Have a huge room clear out
  • Tone up my body for Florida
  • Start reading again
  • Pack for Florida
  • Continue house hunting
  • Practice Japanese
  • Go to Alton Towers
  • Meadowhall Ladies night in 
  • Bicester Village
  • Figuring out how to change my blog design
  • Wait for uni results :(
  • Try to relax & enjoy Summer
So at the moment I'm just really looking forward to Summer and planning more adventures in the future. Especially looking forward to my holiday in sunny Florida, I can't wait to just get away even though the weather isn't too bad here in the UK. I think I just really need to take a break to feel like myself again :) 
Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!
x x x
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