Aerial Hoop!

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Last night I tried something new...Aerial hoop!
You're probably wondering aerial what? 
Yep it's an actual thing where a hoop is suspended from the ceiling and you do lovely poses whilst inside the hoop. I really couldn't wait to try it because it was something new to get me out of my comfort zone, boost my confidence and another way of keeping fit. 

As soon as I walked in and saw the hoops I just wanted get straight into it. In the class there was me and one other girl who was really lovely and had no prior experience like me. 
Our teacher was great too! She started off with warm up and then afterwards she showed us ways to get into the hoop and dismount, we seemed to nail the hardest one called the straddle (my favourite). Next she showed us basic poses in the hoop where we learnt the stag pose, the birdie pose, the man in the moon pose and the side star pose. It was so fun but wow did my hands, arms and legs hurt!

At the end of the class she gave us a few exercises to do which were pretty difficult  for us first timers but we did it (yay!)
She praised us a lot for our strength and how graceful we looked, although I felt like an elephant on the hoop from the way it kept spinning haha! Also I cut my arm (apparently I'm the first to cut themselves in the first lesson). 

So I really enjoyed my first lesson and can't wait to do it again next week.
I woke up this morning and my whole body is aching, she warned us of the pain we would experience for the next few days and I'm definitely feeling it.

At the moment I'm completely overwhelmed by a few new experiences this month, but I'm learning to prioritise and taking part in activities to take my mind off things (yoga & meditation being another one). 

I'd love to know what activities you've recently taken up and activities you plan to take up.
x x x 

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