I ran away from stress

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I've been pondering for a few days wondering what to write about recently and I decided to talk about  what I've been doing the past few days.

On Thursday night I went to the Meadowhall ladies night in which is basically an event for ladies from 6pm until 9pm where some of the shops had discounts, freebies and giveaways. There were also pop-up boutiques around the store. I bought a bikini top from River Island (which I'm not really keen on now), Body Shop Vitamin E capsules and a variety of products from Boots. I was also given a gift from Lynette which her parents sent to me all the way from Australia, it made me feel blessed and love to know that they cared for me :) They bought me a lovely bracelet and my mum a wooden wine holder which she loves. We also received a HUGE bag of nougats!

On Friday I was feeling mega stressed and just a little bit lifeless so I thought you know what it's actually not raining today, I'm gonna go for a run on my own. This is something I don't do as my mum is usually the one dragging me to go for a run with her but I thought I'd go for it today. I put my running clothes on, grabbed my phone and ear phones and off I went. 
It was nice to run for 30 mins and actually feel proactive even though I felt really out of breath on the way home. As soon as I got home I flopped onto my bed but I felt really proud. I hope to do it again as running is apparently supposed to be a good method of stress & anxiety relief and a good for boosting you're mood!

That night I went for a few drinks with friends at Wetherspoons and then another pub, which was a fun night! I was absolutely exhausted but I managed to drag myself out for a bit.

The Saturday I had work in the morning and then afterwards I went to Lynette's for a well overdue girly night in. We ordered pizza, drank peach bellini and watched horror films which is our favourite! Although the ones she chose always turned out to have this weird supernatural ending which made no sense which made it funny I guess. The night almost ended with a bang as she also spilled a glass of bellini near her laptop and plug socket -_- we both panicked and frantically danced around the spillage until I grabbed the laptop and she finally grabbed towels, don't worry we survived. I love having girly sleepovers because of those moments when we're having a conversation and we end up crying with laughter. 

It was a fun weekend and on Sunday I finally started packing for my holiday to Florida which is next week! Right now I'm mentally preparing myself for the busy week I have ahead. 

I hope you all have a nice week and I'll hopefully update before I go away!
x x x

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