Holiday Blues

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Do you ever get that feeling of holiday blues when you've just returned from an amazing escape from reality? Well I sure have it right now. 
I just return from Florida last Friday morning and I am still super jet lagged and managed to bring back a cold with me and a bag full of emotions. I feel like I had such a great time over there in Sunny in Florida (despite the thunder and rain) and now I've just been dropped back into the real world where I'm just being bombarded by everyone with stuff. I just woke up today and thought this is all too much. 

Here's a 10 day summary of my holiday!
Monday (Day 1):
 We landed in Florida. Mum did a lot of crazy driving in America. We kept getting lost. Finally picked up the keys to our villa and then had to drive to our villa. Finally reached our villa, security guard tells us we're at the wrong places but then says he's only joking! (This wasn't funny when we had been driving around for hours.) Got to the villa which blew our socks off. Had food. Went to bed.

Tuesday (Day 2): 
My friend Charlotte came over to see us. Lots of hugs. Nommed on Dairy Milk chocolate (because she had missed British chocolate whilst living in America. Had a long catch up. She got ready for work (which is in Downtown Disney) and left. Took a trip to Walmart, did a mass shop. Ate dinner. Went to bed.

Wednesday (Day 3): 
Picked Charlotte up and drove to Premium Outlets in Vineland Avenue. Me & Charlotte were both skint so we only bought sweets. Had a Japanese meal. Dropped Charlotte back and headed home.

Thursday (Day 4): 
Bought a ticket for Magic Kingdom! Went to Raglan Road in downtown disney (All the Irish dancers and the bands were amazing! Was so proud of my Charlotte!) Ate a mahoosive Shepherds pie. Met the dancers and the band members. Stayed over at Charlotte's that night.

Friday (Day 5): 
Got up early to go to Magic Kingdom (Eeek!) Started with enchanted tales with Belle. Had pictures with Belle. Got a fast pass to go on the new Seven Dwarfs Mine train. Went on the hated mansion ride. Went on Space Mountain. Went on the jungle cruise. Headed back home.

Saturday (Day 6): 
Went to the Premium Outlets on International Drive with mum. Still didn't buy anything. Went back home.

Sunday (Day 7): 
Went to Epcot mainly for the World Showcase. Bought a kimono in Japan. Went back to Downtown Disney. Went out to the House of Blues. Passed out back at Charlotte's place.

Monday (Day 8): 
3 HOUR drive to Clearwater Beach. Had the best meal at Crabby Bills. Fell asleep on the beach. Drove back home.

Tuesday (Day 9): 
Went to Seaworld. Watched the dolphin show. Went on Manta (which is nothing like Air at Alton Towers, Charlotte!) Had ice lollies. Went to see penguins. Went to the aquarium and saw sharks. I bumped my head on glass. Saw the sea lion show. Ended with the Shamu show. Went to IHOP had the best burrito and tried to fit in pancakes. Had a movie night in with Charlotte and everyone.

Wednesday (Day 10): 
Last day spent in Typhoon Lagoon. Washed away in the wave pool. Went on lots of water slides. Snorkelling at Shark Reef. Chilled on the lazy river. Ate fish and chips. Fell over a lot in the wave pool. Tried to pull a lifeguard (unsuccessful). Sunbathed. Got a taxi back to Charlotte's. Had an emotional goodbye hug and left her. Went home packed and prepared for my flight the next day.

Phew... Sorry this was so long! 
But it feels like all this was a dream which I never wanted to end. But unfortunately I'm back home now even though I was missing my friends. I've never felt so sad being back home and I can't fully explain why.

Anyway after all this it has kind of motivated me to plan my next holiday, so I better start saving this Summer! :)

Thanks for reading
x x x

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