Cocoa Wonderland!

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I love spontaneous days out with my bestie! Me and Megan decided to embrace the 'hottest day of the year' at the park however it rained a bit, thundered and it was just really humid! So change of plans we decided to venture for some tea & cake.
A place in mind randomly popped into my head and I thought why not go to Cocoa Wonderland on Eccy Road! I've always wanted to go but the thought never crossed my mind often enough. 

I knew it was a place which sold chocolate but from reading the reviews they did tea, cake and lots more! 

We arrived at the shop and we felt overwhelmed with excitement as soon as we entered! It felt like a traditional sweet shop with all the array of colours. Even the woman serving us could sense how giddy we felt. I ordered a rocky road hot chocolate & a slice of chocolate fudge cake and Megan ordered a banoffe shake & a chocolate fudge cake, the lady told us she would bring it to us. We had a choice of sitting downstairs or upstairs so we sat upstairs! We even got to put our phone in the docking station and play music. Everything was delicious! My hot chocolate was really chocolatey so I didn't get to finish it all, but I helped myself to the free jug of water to wash it all down. The view of busy Eccy road was nice as well. 

Afterwards we took a stroll into the botanical gardens! And I made a friend in the form of a cat named Oscar :D 

Today was a fab day and this is why I love my best friend! We have the greatest adventures together (as others have told me) and I cherish every single one of them. 

Thanks for reading
x x x 
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