Live, Laugh & Love!

(Not mine! But I would love to have them.)
July is finally here! Which makes me think YAY! Summer has finally arrived! 
As of the first of July I have decided this will be month where I set challenges for myself as I've still be moping around since coming back off holiday.
I started with my Blogilates adventure yesterday! I've been watching Cassey since last year and I've only completed one of her workout calendars (and I may have cheated on some workouts) but I noticed a difference afterwards as I felt a lot stronger and more toned. But I gave up afterwards and went back to being lazy. But this time I aim to persavere with this month's workout, I've even got my mum to join the bandwagon. This summer I want to see a difference again and eat clean! 

Another small challenge I've set for myself is to do more overtime at work because I simply need more money and I want to try and save money for moving out and travelling. My friend Charlotte has been my inspiration to save money, even though I'm the saver according to her. 

I'm also going to reward myself by pampering myself more and do at least one thing that makes me happy! I better start writing a list :) 

This month I am definitely going to try and Live, Laugh & Love! 
Tell me about any challenges you have set for yourself! 

Thanks for reading
x x x

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  1. Hello
    Just discovered your blog and I love it! I'm looking forward to future posts! If you had a moment could you check out my blog:
    I also just followed you on Bloglovin, if you could do the same!

    1. Hey Laura!
      Thanks for checking out my blog :) I just checked out your blog and I love yours too!
      Thanks for following me.

      Leah xx


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