New Pampering Routine

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These past few days I've been on the verge of anxiety which usually gets me down so I decided to spend my Saturday evening pampering myself after a rough night trying to sleep on Friday and a mediocre day at work.

Here's my pampering essentials: 

2) Bioderma Sebium H20 cleanser
3) Peach deep moisturising foot pack

I always start with a nice hot bubble bath to feel relaxed even though I still have a million thoughts rushing around my head but it's nice to have time to think. While you're in there you could use a body scrub too! 
Before I got in the bath I applied a face mask that I keep on for around 15-20 minutes and let it set whilst I relax in the bath. 
After that I washed the mask off and cleansed with Bioderma and a spritz of my Body Shop Vitamin E face mist (sorry I forgot to include it in the photo) it gives a refreshing feeling and moisturises.
I've started to use Boots fruity strawberry body butter to moisturise my body and it's smells delicious.
I then tried on the peach moisturising foot pack which I think you can get from Poundland, you put the boots on and let them work their magic although they're really cold when you first put them on but they soon warmed up after I put some winter socks over them.   
Before I go to sleep I use a vitamin C radiance capsule which somehow makes my skin feel smoother and gives it a little glow and then finally I apply a touch of  cocoa butter cream to my face (I've grown up with this stuff).
I then got into bed and watched a DVD. If you haven't seen 'We're the Millers' you need to because it's hilarious! 

If you want to go further out, why not do your nails or get them done, which is what I did! Unfortunately I'm not allowed coloured paint or any painted nails due to work but this french manicure is just what I needed and it's lasted almost 2 weeks. 

I also treated myself to some autumn make-up. I searched ages for a lipstick for the new season and I finally chose 'Media'. Along with that I purchased some studio fix powder foundation and a free tester pot of liquid foundation. 
Because I couldn't completely leave summer behind I couldn't resist getting a Summer Scoop Yankee candle which smells divine.

After all this I forgot about everything that I was worrying about and actually got a good night sleep :) 

Thanks for reading
x x x
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