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My exams and assignments are finally over! Well I have a few assignments due in a few months...but still it's nice to have a little break.
I'm actually over the moon. 

I kind of enjoy doing assignments, it's the exams that make me stressed. Even my mum was happy when it was all over, she actually said "I've finally got my Leah back" apparently I was on auto pilot and I didn't even realise.

Anyway I don't think I would have got through it all if it wasn't for my uni buddy, plus one & bezzie, Lynette! It's great to have someone to study/panic with. 

Now those are out of the way I have 2 weeks before I start my placement (which is to do with eating disorders) so I'm really happy and excited about that. These next 2 weeks I'm planning to relax and just simply take care of myself and make a start on achieving things that I didn't think I would ever do. 

And get better at blogging...
(hehe yes I say this a lot)

Thanks for reading
Have a lovely weekend!
x x x

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