2015 Goals!

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Its's currently 7am right now and I'm wide awake so I thought why not be productive and write a blog post!
It's 2015 and like every one else I have decided on a few goals that I have set for myself which I want to accomplish by the end of this year. This year I'm not aiming for the generic 'New Year, New me' I simply want to enhance my life this year to experience a happier version of myself.

1. Travel (Ireland, Florida, Valencia, USA, Mediterranean cruise)

2. Take my driving test in February 

3. Rekindle a relationship with my Dad

4. Go on a date 

5. Focus on my work placement 

6. Work on my anxiety with counselling 

7. Save up my money

8. Travel with friends (Leeds fest, Download, Manchester)

9. Move out

10. DIY projects 

11. Relax more 

12. See more shows (Lion King, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Shrek)

13. Take up yoga

14. Start exercising again

15. Take up guitar lessons 

16. Learn French and Chinese (mandarin)

17. Go on long bike rides 

18. Change things that I am not happy with about myself

19. Take each day as it comes along

20. Have a lot more girly nights in

21. Celebrate New Year's Eve in London 

There were plenty more that needed adding to this list but I'll probably just keep those to myself and eventually work on them.
Wish me luck!
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