Muse in Brighton

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So last week me and Megan headed off onto another adventure in Brighton to see our favourite band, MUSE!

Brighton has been on my list of places to visit for a long time because of the quirky and beautiful scenery and obviously the seaside.
We hopped on an early megabus to London and then a train to beautiful Brighton.

We took a small tour of Brighton on the way to our hotel, we explore some of the shops in the North Laine which we loved and strolled past the Brighton Dome where people were already queuing for the show and walked past the beautiful Royal Pavilion.
Not long afterwards we found our hotel, we were lucky to have an amazing view of the seaside and the pier from our room.

After settling in we got ready for the show and got through a bottle of rosé very quickly, we were absolutely starving and went on the search for food.  Our obvious choice was Yo Sushi 1.We love Japanese food 2. It was close to the Brighton Dome and 3. We really wanted a Big Hero 6 Bento since we are collecting the wristbands (definitely not two 21 years olds). My chicken katsu bento was delicious and the excitement for Muse was rising.

Yes! The gig was amazing and my love for Muse just got bigger and they even played my favourite song :') I didn't want it to end and I felt that feeling of euphoria I had the last time I saw them in 2013.
The atmosphere in such as small building was just electric and their new songs sounded even better live.

Okay I'll stop gushing over the show. After having mixed feelings of joy and sadness that it had ended we got to see the band after waiting for them to come out. I can't believe this actually happened but I met Dom Howard (the drummer), I was actually lost for words when I met him but I managed to ask for a photo!!

After gushing over having our photos taken we had a few drinks in the Mash Tun and then went to the Market Diner for late night noms!

The next day we had the best English breakfast with a nice view of the seaside, I really wasn't ready to return home just yet but unfortunately we had too :( after the quick train to London and then a train back to Sheffield we were home.
It's been over a week and post gig depression is still there. Wah!

Anyway back to reality, this week is a little more calmer as my work placement has ended, my second job has finished for the term and my Japanese and aerial hoop classes have finished.
So I can actually start working on uni work now. (I'll probably do a post on over-commitment soon!)

x x x
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