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So a lot has gone on in the past few weeks and I'm so glad everything is out of the way now...well most things.

Booked my driving test
I finally bit the bullet and booked my driving test because if I don't do it now then I never will. I am absolutely terrified but since I am an anxious person I am constantly worrying that I am not ready yet. I can only help this by doing extra practice and hoping for the best. I haven't told anyone when it's booked for but it is next month.

Visited my Dad
This was another thing that was on my bucket list for this year and it was also recommended by my counsellor and my mum, so I went to see my Dad. This is a long story but basically my mum and dad separated when I was young and I just never formed that bond with him as I grew up. Now that I am 21 years old, it's time to build that bond.
I spent a few hours on a Friday night with him and it was actually alright, it wasn't awkward because he had so much to tell me and he was happy to see me. I found out a lot about the past which was interesting and I plan to see him again soon.

Quit both of my jobs
I sound like I had a nervous breakdown but don't worry I thought about this choice very carefully and for a long time. I left my job at Waitrose and my STA travel ambassador job (both on good terms) last week for many reasons. Even though I'm probably going to be broke as I am relying on my student loan for financial aid but it's not all bad news.
I'm young and I've been working since I was 16, I needed a break! I live with my parents so I don't use money towards bills, just my phone bill so I'm grateful for that. I get my weekends back and can enjoy my life again and also I can start to focus more on my uni work as my final year is creeping up.
Right now I am searching for support worker and carer jobs with bank shifts to help me develop my career in mental health nursing.

Got through uni work and a presentation
After my work placement I had a lot of writing up to do and I've just about finished it after forcing myself to complete them. Just need to spend the next week tweaking a few things and then I can finally submit them and get rid of it all haha! I also had to do a compulsory presentation in front of 10 people which I hated as I was a nervous wreck but it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that it's done with.

Chose my dissertation projects
Choosing my final year projects at 12am when I was exhausted was probably not the best choice but the deadline was coming up so kind of had to hurry up and choose. I had to select 5 that I wanted (although I probably want 2 out of 5 of them) and then I will be assigned with one by next year. Scary stuff!

Booked a flight to America
I've got an exciting summer to look forward to this year but this one is a little different to the rest. As my bestie is doing Camp America this year, I'm flying out to America to travel with her. We still have to sort out a lot of other stuff like accommodation and transportation but we went ahead and booked our first destination to get the ball rolling.
Oh yeah did I mention this will be my first flight alone AND I have to get a connecting flight!! Naturally I'm nervous but so many of my friends have been through this experience and I can't let it hold me back.

Life has been a bit crazy but sort of calm at the same time and I've already planned my next few weekends starting with the Otley Run this weekend :)

Have you got any exciting or nerve-wracking plans coming up soon?
Leave me a comment below!
x x x

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