New Orleans

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After checking into our hostel, dumping our bags, making up our beds and taking a shower we headed out to Bourbon Street. Our hostel was conveniently close to a streetcar stop and it didn't take us long to get to the central area. 

Bourbon Street was exactly how I imagined New Orleans and I loved the fact that you could buy drinks and walk around the street with your drink in hand. My favourite was definitely the hand grenade which got me drunk pretty easily because it tasted so good. The atmosphere is amazing and we even made friends with some Australians and fellow Brits. It was certainly an eye-opening and fun experience, however jet lag was starting to take a toll on me so we decided to head back to our hostel.

Day two in NOLA  consisted of wandering down the French market in downtown New Orleans, listening to a traditional street music being performed in the French quarter, taking in the beautiful scenery of the Mississippi river and stuffing our faces with beignets from the famous Cafe Du Monde (which I'm actually craving now). I've wanted to try these ever since I watched my favourite Disney film, The Princess and The Frog and they certainly did not disappoint. Beignets are delicious doughnut-like treats covered in powdered/icing sugar, basically it's like eating a piece of heaven but be prepared with some water to drink as it can get sickly.

We ended the night dining in IHOP and the waitresses were going crazy over Megan's UP tattoo (Yep! We both love Disney). We spent our last night back in Bourbon Street but if you ever visit New Orleans and fancy a change of scenery go to Frenchmen Street which was recommended by some friends, apparently it's the place to be for live music and amazing nightlife, less touristy and more local.

The next day we we're both ready to move on from New Orleans and go onto our next destination LAS VEGAS!
We headed to the Greyhound Station and got totally lost on the way by heading in the wrong direction on the streetcar, luckily we had the best driver and she helped us get there.

I really enjoyed New Orleans but I think 3 days was just enough time to spend there. My only regrets were not visiting Frenchmen Street to have a more authentic night out and not trying out the Creole cuisine.

Look out for the next post where I tell you all about my adventures in Vegas!
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