I flew out to America alone

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I've taken a three month break from this blog without even realising it. Time has gone way too fast and life has just been non-stop.
In the past few months I took my second driving test...and failed! Spent a week in Ireland with my Mum, went to Matlock for the day with my Dad, dip-dyed my hair blue, celebrated my Mum's birthday, went interrailing through Berlin, Prague and Budapest and went to V festival.

I tried a lot of new things this year, but one thing I didn't think I'd ever manage was getting on a plane and flying out to America alone.
On the 25th August I flew out from Manchester airport towards New Orleans to be reunited with my best friend, Megan after 3 months of being apart. After having an emotional goodbye with my mum it was time to start my adventure. I don't know why, but the only part that majorly stresses me out in airports is going through security but everything went fine. 
After lots of phone calls and stressing out for about 2 hours I got on my plane towards my first destination Atlanta, where I had to make my connection.

My flight was great! I flew with Virgin Atlantic equipped with my travel pillow and there was no one in the seat next to me! I watched about 4 films, well I say watched more like fell asleep through all of them but that made the 9 hours go by so much quicker (must have been the wine I had).

When I got off to make my connection flight, I could just feel the anxiety returning again because I'd never made a connection before. Turns out I was only overreacting again and it was a really simple process of going through passport control, go through security again, reclaim your bag and give it to the person who puts it on another carousel to be transferred. Easy as that! If you're really worried, don't because there should be signs everywhere and plenty of people to ask.
Next flight was with Delta airlines and I had to wait less than 2 hours before boarding, so I decided to listen to some music. It was a short but sweet flight and no body was sat on my row again, I even got another nap in and woke up to a bag of pretzels they had given out. That 1 hour and 40 minutes flew by and after 13 hours I had finally made it into New Orleans. Yaaaaaay!
I couldn't wait to get off the plane and finally see Megan's face and have a lie down.

After getting off the plane, I went downstairs to reclaim my baggage and I could see Megan holding a sign with my name on it. We ran so fast to finally hug each other and we even had a little cry :') I missed her so much and we sat and chatted at the airport for so long that we ended up missing our bus to get us to our hostel (Oops!)
I'll be writing separate posts about my 2 weeks of travelling in America, so look out for my New Orleans post next!

x x x
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