Freshers Week

It's the beginning of Freshers week and I had a bit of a panic attack this morning about university which I start tomorrow. After talking to some of my friends today who managed to calm me down and reassured me that they feel exactly the same about starting, I thought I would write this post as a distraction from all the stress.
There are many reasons why I am terrified:
  • Did I choose the right course? Do I really want to study Psychology? 
  • Going through all the workload and stress again
  • Meeting new people
  • Being in crowded lectures! 
It just feels like I had the greatest year off with an amazing Summer and now that university has started it's all ended. I know this is a really negative perspective on life but that's kind of how I feel.
I know I have other things to look forward and university isn't the main thing in my life

Anyway to keep myself distracted and more positive I thought I'd list some things that make me happy whenever I'm feeling stressed or down.

Things That Make Me Happy:
  • Music
  • Concerts
  • Youtubers
  • Genuine hugs
  • Muse
  • Dogs
  • Babysitting
  • Sunny days
  • Learning Japanese
  • Friends
  • Looking at random tumblr blogs
  • Food
  • Reading
  • Buying new clothes (usually cute, vintage, quirky style)
  • Spontaneous days out
  • Going to cities like London & Manchester
  • Talking to people who have the same interests as me :)
  • Cupcakes
  • Talking to my friend who lives in Japan
  • Hot chocolate
  • Watching movies at home with popcorn & a blanket
Those are some things that make me smile when I feel crappy. I really hope this week goes smoothly and that I will settle into uni nicely like everyone says I will and I will try and post updates on my week.
Tell me things that make you happy!
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  1. I hope you settled in ok! University is a daunting thing, moving to a new place and living with strangers. Most of my friends have left for uni now and they were all quite nervous beforehand. lovely blog x

    1. Aww thanks so much! I decided to stay in my city and stay at home for uni because I didn't really confident enough about change, but I did stay for the course as well :) It really is a stressful thing! Well my induction went well today, so I hope the rest of week goes okay x

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