Uni Induction!

Yesterday was my first day at university and I was so stressed out, probably beyond the normal level of nervousness, it wasn't nice at all :( It was so lovely to wake up to some lovely comments on here which really mean a lot to me, so thank you!
I tried to taking my mind off my induction by going to the Freebie Fair before which was really good, I mean who doesn't like receiving lots of free stuff! They gave away free slices of pizza which my friend had to basically force me to eat it because I was that nervous.
Afterwards I went to my university campus for the induction. I got a bit lost looking for the building I was in but managed to find some lovely people who were just as lost as me haha! So I ended up sitting with them in the induction. Now being in that small hall was like my worst nightmare, I was sat a few rows from the back which was alright, but just sitting in a place surrounded by lots of people did make me really anxious because I believe that I will have a panic attack when I least expect it. So I just forced myself to cope with it and sit throughout the whole thing (which I can usually do when I feel like I'm in a stressful situation). It actually wasn't too bad, it must have taken between an hour to an hour and a half! (I was so relieved to finally get out)
We were then taken on a tour around the campus which lasted about half an hour, it was so overwhelming because the place was so big! My friends who are already at uni told me it was normal to be confused and not remember which place was where though.
After the tour had finished we were allowed to leave, but something good came out of my day because I made a friend who is staying in accommodation not too far from me! We exchanged numbers and have made plans already :)
Now that I look back I found it so silly that I was stressing out over 2 hours of my day. This is why I hate anxiety and want to overcome it, so I can actually feel normal for once. Before I left the house my Mum told me 'you have overcome so much this year, and you can do it again now. Just think of it as an adventure an obstacle that you need to overcome.' Which made me think I can do this!

Oh! I was just browsing the interwebs and I found this blog which has a post on starting university with mental illnesses. It seems pretty helpful and informative, I did the majority of things on here before my first day began.
If you're interest then just click here

                                                                Thanks for reading! :) xx 
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