Tea Drinking, Cocktails & Food!

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As it is now Autumn/Winter time (which I dislike very much) this means snuggling up in wooly jumpers, thick scarves and eating copious amount of food! Which is certainly what I've done this week!
So this week I joined the tea drinking society! Yes I know this sounds really peculiar but to be honest it was the only society I definitely wanted to join. Also my best friend, Megan recently became president of this society (she was a member last year) and she persuaded me to join. On the night that it started I felt really awkward shuffling in whilst they were in the middle of a quiz about tea (I had work before!) But I joined a team and made myself some tea and it was really fun! I was slightly nervous about going and I was even considering backing out but I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and beat those negative thoughts going around in my head. Everyone was really lovely and I actually met a lot of new people :) I also brought along some chocolate cake and soon realised that cake brings everyone together :D I can't wait to go back next week, which will be on my birthday!
Pub Grub! 
Wednesday was a pretty short day as I only had one lecture and another introduction presentation. Even though we were in uni for about 3 hours, it still tired us out haha! We went to a pub for some lunch, which was sooo delicious! This may be a regular Wednesday thing now.
Vodka Rev & Summer in the city
Last night I had a great start to weekend with Megan as we went to go battle for tickets for Summer in the City 2014! We managed to get some earlybird tickets before they sold out with Megan's amazing ticket buying skills! :D Afterwards we went to celebrate by going to Vodka Revolution and using our student cards which we purchased for £2 at the student lock-in. We definitely had a feast, I was so full from our margherita pizza (only £1) and felt a bit tipsy after having 2 for 1 cocktails!
We had a such a fun time and we plan on going back very soon as we're only half way through our coupon book! 
Anyway that was my week so far and I plan to update more regularly as I have lots of things coming up. 
Thanks for reading ^.^ xx
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