Happy New Year!!!

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It's 2 days into the new year and so far so good! This is the first time in ages I have been excited for the new year. Before I would be dreading the new year and I would think 'oh great! Another year!' However this time things feel different. I think this was down to doing things in 2013 and achieving things which I thought I wouldn't actually do. I also met some amazing people last year who I'm so glad to have in my life this year and I've made so many plans already!  I don't usually come up with New Years resolutions because I don't stick to them but this year I plan to go to as many gigs as possible and a festival, so far I'm seeing Beyoncé, fall out boy, arctic monkeys and McBusted! And my friends are wanting to go to Download festival! I also want to travel a lot this year, I really want to go to China to do volunteering, Florida, Amsterdam, Disneyland Paris and Japan! I'm definitely not rich but you have to dream big, right? I'm currently looking for a house to move into this year with my friend, so that's going to be a huge change in my life but I'm really excited! 
I think helping others makes you feel like a better person, so I have booked an appointment to donate blood again this year on valentines day :D

This time last year I decided to make a memory box which was an idea I saw on twitter. This involved writing down all the good things which happened throughout the year and putting it in the jar so I could read them all at the end of the year! 

I finally got to read all the notes which I wrote this year. It was nice to read the little things I had accomplished this year and all the fun things I did! A few that stuck out was starting therapy, giving blood for the first time, spontaneous day & nights out, student lock-in and a eating a 3 course meal, completing the squat challenge, beating an anxiety attack at work, speaking japanese to a foreign exchange student at work, seeing muse, went to an ann-summers party, getting back into sushi, lots of trips to manchester, doing race for life in 28 minutes, youtubers replying to my comments! Passing my theory test, BBQ in the park, went to sealife in Birmingham, joining tea drinking society, Summer in the city 2013, London zoo, cooking a proper meal, going for a meal with my japanese class! And I saved lots of cinema & train tickets. 

Here are some favourite memories from 2013!

This year I plan to force myself to do more things outside my comfort zone, to be less scared and anxious of situations, travel more, work hard, have more me time and find time to relax and to just simply be happy!  

What are your New Years resolutions and plans? :) 
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