London Adventure & so much stress!

Last week I went to London for the night with my best friend when I should have been studying (oops!)  but it was a nice little break. We first made a trip to Oxford Street where we had an itsu meal for lunch, I had a delicious duck and rice pot and my friend had a chicken and noodle pot. Afterwards we ventured on with our shopping trip where we always started with the HUGE Topshop! Usually I'm not too keen on Topshop but I absolutely love the one in London! I bought a Topshop lip bullet which was a plum shade (I think it's called wine gum), a Topshop matte nail varnish in mint and a new fluffy beanie (which Megan thought looked quite Christmassy!) Afterwards we went to Urban Outfitters which I also love! 

We then decided to venture into Chinatown which looked so pretty and go to Boba Jam for some bubble tea! I think I got a bit too excited and dragged Megan into nearly every shop where I bought asian cosmetics such as a Japanese hot eye mask (Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask) and a  Reifoy collagen hydration face mask. We also went into a cute store and had a go at Purikura (we had way too much fun with this! haha!) Our last shop was a shop with asian foods where we bought Pocky and other treats.

We then went to Leicester Square to go to M&M's world and we spotted a premier taking place, it was for The Wolf of Wall Street. I kind of wanted to hang around to see Leonardo DiCaprio but we saw Jonah Hill which was great too! So we went to M&M's world which was amazing because you were basically given free chocolate left, right and center and it was soooo colourful! After that we decided to call it a night!

The next day we went back to Oxford Street to go to New Look where I bought a new scarf, some cute socks, underwear, and some nice tops (which were in the sale!) We then went to Hamleys Toy Shop where we were welcomed in by a really enthusiastic guy blowing bubbles. I'd been into Hamleys a long time ago when I was younger but I forgot how many floors it had! There are a LOT of floors but I really enjoyed it. We were so tempted to buy a pug from the Build a Bear section :) 
We then took a trip to Carnaby Street a shopping street around Soho with various quirky shops such as David & Goliath, Dr. Martens, Irregular Choice, Johnny Cupcakes and there's a M.A.C store (which I didn't go in) and lots more! We then spent our last moments in London at a Wetherspoons for a yummy meal and went to Gosh! A comic book store which made me not want to go back home as we don't have things like this back home! Before going we decided to try out 'Snog!' a frozen yoghurt place which has bright lights on the ceiling which changes colour, oh yeah and the frozen yoghurt was delicious and refreshing! 
So our trip came to an end and we had to run to get our Megabus home and as a result of being late, the guy messed around with us telling us we couldn't get on and there was nothing he could do! But he was obviously joking and let us on. The good thing was that we made it but the bad thing was we had to sit in separate seats for almost 4 hours :( Ahh I miss London so much!

It's been a week since that all happened and I have been putting off writing a blog post this week due to being stressed over exams (which ended yesterday yaaay!) and I think I've possibly failed them all but I managed to get through it without having major panic attacks! To celebrate me and Lynette went to Starbucks and ate Crispy Creme doughnuts which she bought and then watched Devil's Due at the cinema. So I've been so stressed out lately because of my timetable changing for second semester and this has messed up other things which I do outside of uni, finding a place to live this year and other stuff. In order to relax my plans are to sleep, sleep, sleep, watch films and sleep! So I'm going to try and enjoy my week off before I return back to university!

Thanks for reading even though this post wasn't particularly interesting :) 
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  1. these photos are gorgeous
    thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw! Thanks for taking a look, I'm glad you liked them :) x

  2. Hi ! I tagged you for the Liebster Award.


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