Trip to Nottigham

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I've been meaning to write this post from last Wednesday which is when me and Lynette went to Nottingham. It was quite a spontaneous trip as we just decided to book a coach there the night before. I'd never been to Nottingham properly so I thought why not!
So we hopped on the coach around 11ish and got there for 12ish, we were starving so we decided to go for some Thai food. Using good old google map on my phone we found a beautiful Thai restaurant called Tarn Thai. They had a set lunch menu where you could have a two course meal, this pursuaded and the fact that it looked really pretty inside. We started taking pictures as soon as we stepped inside, well it had a koi pond with beautiful fishies haha! And a lovely water feature upstairs.
We both ordered the same appetiser, thoong tong (pastry parcels filled with chicken, prawns and vegetables) and then for the second course I got the gai pud priew wann (sweet and sour chicken) with boiled rice. They were both delicious!

Afterwards we hit the shops! I didn't really buy too much while I was there apart from some a foundation sponge, new mascara and a new barry m nail varnish in 'blue grape'. I also bought some new tops since it's almost Spring. Lynette was very proud of these gloves she purchased which I thought looked like finger puppets :)

We also retreated back to our 13 year old selves and took this photo haha!

 Afterwards we headed back to the coach station to get our coach at 6:20 but unfortunately it was delayed. I was disappointed because I wanted to make it home on time to watch the Brit awards but on the bright side we had treats to keep us company! The coach ended up arriving at 7:30 and we got back for about 8ish. I had a really lovely day and for once it was actually warm weather, so we picked the perfect day to go.

So life has been alright at the moment, I'm planning to make this week a good one by being stress free and making sure I have fun. This Thursday me and Megan have planned to go to an Alpaca farm (yep! really!) and go for tea and cake afterwards and then on Friday I'm off to London again for the weekend to see Beyonce (aaaaaah! Too excited!) And good news my driving instructor told me that she thinks that I'm up to the standard of doing my practical test, just a few things need practice. So maybe I will be able to drive this year eeeeek!

Thanks for reading this post and have a nice day!
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