Valentines Day

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I know I'm late to the party and valentines day was 2 days ago but I still wanted to post my experience!
So people think valentines day is a day for couples only but I view it as day to share love not just with your partner but with your friends and family too or in my case with people you haven't even met!

Yesterday I woke up to lovely text from my friend wishing me a happy valentines day which we send each other every year! I then donated blood for the second time and Lynette came with me. It felt really good to help someone who I hadn't met and to know that I was sharing something of mine to benefit someone else, made me happy.

Afterwards we had a 'romantic' meal in McDonalds with a chicken nugget sharebox and we exchanges gifts to each other. I received a lovely card with a pair of pink stripy winter socks, roses (the chocolates) and some cupcake designed nails. 

So it was a lovely day overall but after a while I stopped looking at Facebook as it was covered in photos of couples going out and I'm not going to lie, I felt a bit lonely, so for a few moments I felt like this.

But then I realised ah! so what! For people who are single pringle like me and feels like the only one who isn't with someone, just remember you ARE loved! It comes in all different forms such as chatting for 3 hours in starbucks with your friend or having the day with your mum at the bathroom store or checking your friend's bursary application (yes this was my week) so just keep sharing that love!

Anyways I hope you had a lovely valentines day whoever you spent it with :) thanks for reading!

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