December already?

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This year is going way too fast, where did November even go?
I've been so busy doing things, getting stuck into my assignments and panicking over everything haha! No wonder it felt like such a whirlwind.
I thought I would share all the photos I took in November to show what I have been up to in the past month.

*We went to see Disney on Ice in a moment of spontaneity and it was AMAZING! As soon as we entered the arena the smell of sweetness just hit me from all the popcorn and sweets, you definitely knew it was Disney. I couldn't help myself smiling all the way through it like I was a giddy 5 years old again! I treated myself to some flashing minnie mouse ears too. We agreed that we would definitely see Frozen on Ice next year*

*I've been to a few Christmas markets but not in my hometown, Manchester and Leeds. I took my mum to the Manchester one as she'd never been to one before. We had such a good time and the only thing I bought was a soap filled sponge, yeah it's really weird at first but I absolutely love mine! I went to the Leeds one with my friend and it was much different from Manchester's which was spread across the centre, I found this one so cute as it reminded me of a little village. We supped on Baileys hot chocolate and I got myself a crepe with Nutella.*

*Lynette celebrated her 21st birthday which was Frozen themed (no surprise there) but it was so nicely set out, had a lovely meal at Fancie and then sang happy birthday to her as the cake was brought out (I didn't get a photo so I stole hers hehe). Afterwards we continued celebrating in town where my friend Georgina was also celebrating her 21st! Lots of dancing and drinking cocktails! Thank god I'm no longer the old one anymore*

*We celebrated the one year anniversary of my Grandad's death by visiting his grave and laying some lovely flowers down. We then went for a quick bite to eat and drink at a lovely place (forgotten the name though). Truly emotional day.*

*We recently had a new couple move onto our street and they put on a lovely housewarming party, every one baked and brought things to eat, ah it was so cute! Plus I got to meet some people on my road that I'd never seen or spoken too. We're even thinking of having a street party next summer, actually can't wait*

*Had a nice birthday lunch with Lynette before our seminar, had a meal at a lovely Italian which we will definitely being going back too. I've been craving Italian food a lot lately. She also gave me some presents from Paris and Japan* 

*Some good news! I received my psychology placement for next semester at...The South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association, which I'm so pleased about because I really wanted to work in this area. I'm a little nervous but so excited at the same time*

*Just gonna throw in that I've finally got my hair highlighted again and now it looks all autumnal and brown, yaaay!*

*The last event of November was a lovely wedding party. My friend from Japanese class recently married and a few of us were invited to her wedding party which was held in a cottage hidden away (never actually knew it existed). It was a French/English wedding and she looked so beautiful. My love for the French language has definitely grown and I'm determined to learn it now*

Let's see what December has in store...
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