Counselling and comfort zones

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Not too long ago I had my last counselling session and I realised how much it has helped me over the year.
Going to my university health and wellbeing services was the best decision I've ever made, I was at a point in my life where I was really lost,  scared of everything and just consumed by anxiety. I'm so glad my GP encouraged me to go for it as I was really reluctant and thought propranolol alone would help me.

Counselling was new to me as it allowed me just to talk which I don't usually do, I'm pretty good at bottling up my thoughts and putting a mask over my feelings which can be tiresome and can cause you to snap at any moment. 
It was nice to get things off my chest and work on different areas of my life. Since starting my session I have dealt with so many issues and taken on things I never thought I could.
I've started visiting my Dad, taken on new opportunities, left opportunities that were stressing me out, took a driving test (even though I failed), decided what I want to do in the future and I'm taking a solo flight to america this year to travel with my friend. 

It made me realise that:
1. Life is to be enjoyed 
2. If you really want something only you can go out and make it happen
3. Stepping outside your comfort zone can actually reduce your anxiety a bit at a time
4. Your mental illness does not control you, it's up to you to control it to take back your life
5. Having a panic attack or just a bad day is not the end of the world! Be proud you got through it and start again tomorrow
6. Your illness doesn't define you

I've been going through a lack of self-belief and doubt lately, but I've got so much to look forward to that I shouldn't be feeling low. Anyway I will continue to tackle whatever life throws at me and I aim to try lots of new things this summer!

x x x
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