I survived Second Year

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The title of this post says it all really. I got through my second year of university...how!?
Well I finished quite a few months ago but only just found out what I got, a lovely 2:1! Although my exams did bring it down, I worked my socks off in second semester and achieved the grade I wanted.

In comparison to first year, I have enjoyed second year A LOT more. I got out my comfort zone and met some great people through taking part in activities and events, I took on a work placement, I quit my job because it was making me feel miserable and stressed, having an affect my uni work. And the best thing is that it has helped me to decide on my next path after graduating, which is a relief because I feel like I can enjoy my course a bit more now.

At the beginning of this year I wasn't too hopeful about the future, but my views have definitely changed. I have some amazing plans for this year and next year, money is certainly going to be needed which is why I've taken on bank shifts at a residential care home & a nursery to help me gain experience and earn money for all the adventures I have planned.

So that means I only have one year left!!! Yes! I'm absolutely dreading third year but hopefully things will work out if I work just as hard. But for now I'm going to enjoy my Summer!
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