My 21st Birthday Celebration

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I finally got to celebrate my birthday at the weekend and I chose celebrate in style in Manchester. People kept asking me why Manchester? I love being in Manchester it just feels so lively and the nightlife seems better than Sheffield to me and if it wasn't Manchester I would have chosen London and I didn't fancy making us all broke.

I had an amazing weekend with my best friends and I am completely blessed to have these girls in my life for making it so special. I started the day with getting my nails painted in my own Barry M Gelly Nail Effect polish in Blue Grape and silver glitter polish to match my dress.

After rushing around and panicking before leaving the house, we were on the train to Manchester. 
We stayed in a lovely aparthotel (apartment hotel) 5 minutes away from the station, so glad my mum was able to find this one because it was quite a late booking. As soon as we entered the apartment we all gasped in excitement and ran from room to room bagsying bedrooms haha! 
I definitely felt quite glamorous staying here for the weekend in a two bedroom apartment with a nice view of Manchester. 

The night started with a trip to the shop to buy breakfast supplies and returning back to eat cake and play Ring of Fire which I'd never played, I've not laughed that much in a while my stomach was actually hurting. After playing two rounds we got dressed and I discovered how difficult it was to apply make up properly when you've been playing drinking games (never again). The blue sequin dress was in the ASOS sale for £16, they only had an XS left but luckily it was the perfect size and I wore a pair of nude heels £12 from ASDA. We took lots of girly photos shuffling from the kitchen to the bathroom and then we headed out.

We started with a meal which initially was going to be in Hard Rock Cafe, however there was a 75 minute wait and being pretty pricey we thought we'd try the all you can eat buffet next door called Peachy Keens and we ended up really liking it. The waiters were lovely and even told me how much they liked my dress. And you can't go wrong with 20% student discount making it £12 each. A lot cheaper than Hard Rock.

Next we got the taxi to Vodka Revolution on Oxford Road and we enjoyed a free shot and a pitcher. Afterwards we walked towards Sackville which is the vibrant gay village in Manchester, we decided to try their Baa Bar and I preferred this one a lot more compared to the one in Deansgate. Although me and friend got a bit freaked out by the unisex toilet.

We ended the night in 5th Avenue night club which I'm not going to lie was a bit of a disappointment with the music, but we met some lovely people there. We thought of looking for another place but being low on money and feeling exhausted we thought we'd head back to the apartment and just order pizza instead. 

In the end it was a really good night out, probably the best I've had in a while and I didn't have a breakdown yaaay! We had breakfast in the morning courtesy of Megan and checked out later because no normal person can leave at 11am. 

I had an amazing weekend of laughter and tears of happiness rolling down my face, we're pretty tempted to come back and do it all over again for 2 nights in the future. 

Hope you enjoyed reading!
x x x

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